After Five...

To loosen your tie when the clock hits five in the evening is just the beginning. You plan an outing with a few friends to have drinks at your favorite bar to laugh, shoot the breeze and possibly meet a nice brunette. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: -Belleza- - Jacob Skin in Deep Tan - Group Gift
Hair by: DURA - January Group Gift
Shirt by: GABRIEL ::GB:: - Loose Dress Shirt in Blue
Slacks by: [savvy avvy]  - Belted Dress Pants in Black
Necklace by: [ Y ] style - Shitagane Necklace in Black

Urban Style....

City life is all about dressing the part and of course the mentality to go with it. Now I have no scars in this city but at least I nailed the attire. Cheers Mates!

Outfit by: {:ThirteenTH:} - Skeleton Hoodie OutFit in Teal
Wristbands by: .:Hermony:. - Unisex Studded Bracelets

Jack or Jill Hunt Preview...

The hunt mania is set to begin!! I have several lined up and can't wait to share them with you but this post is all about the Jack or Jill Hunt! This hunt begins February 1st till 29th! There is a female and male path of 50 gifts by some of SL's talented designers. Mark the date! Cheers Mates.

Lip Piercings by: Sour Pickles (SP) - Guidance Silver Set Men Gift
Scarf by: Just You Jewels - Scarf Be Men Gift

Outfit by: Lash-Ware (LW) - Blazer, Cashmere Sweater, Dress Shirt & Denim Gift.

Don't forget to take part in this awesome hunt. The gifts are not ones you want to pass up. Trust me Mates!

Home Sweet Home

Prepared the outfit, grabbed the camera, chose the pose and done. Cheers Mates!

Hair Cap by: ::GB:: & *DURA* - Knit Cap  in Dark Brown (not free)
Skin by: Egoisme - Nicola Pale Hair (Free Gift) at MenStuff Lounge.
Shape by: SHAPEshifters -  Damian Shape Group Gift  for Only $1L!

Sweater by: Next Level [NL] - Grey Sweater Free Gift
Jeans by: The White Angel Creations (TWA) - 501 Dark Blue Jeans (Free Gift) at MenStuff Lounge.


Winter whites are very popular this time of year. I believe its due to the cringe of the cold and longing for spring to arrive which keeps it in increased demand. Take a trip to *Bliss Couture* to check out their awesome male line as well as to no. 07 mainstore to take advantage of their current 50% - 70% closing sale. Enjoy yourself & take a friend. Cheers Mates!

Hair by: DURA - Dura Boy 14 in black 
Sweater by: *Bliss Couture* - ! Bliss Homme ! British Wool Pullover (Snow)
Jeans by: no.07 - Ena Jeans


Have you ever just wanted to skip work, pack a small bag, withdraw some cash and escape to an island all your own? No boss! No spouse! No kids! No nothing! Just Aye, mates if you don't, I certainly do. Cheers!

Outfit by: :[strip'd]: - UR A JERK Outfit on Sale at  Mens.Select for Only 49L!
Pose by: Olive Juice - Lookbook Men Pose 1 for Only $25L!

Lip Piercing by: Sour Pickles [SP]  - Wazzup Piercing for Only $50L!

Watch by: Graffitiwear - Unisex Watch Available in (8) Color Shades for Only $100L!

Warrior Amongst Men.....

Riches untold, leading an army that reigns undefeated, purposefully single in the land of plenty and third son to the king. I am...... Cheers Mates!

Shape by: Glamour HQ  - Mark Shape featured in the shape & skin package
Outfit by: Shattered Heart (SH) - Outlander Male Warrior Kilt  for Free!

News Update: Shattered Heart designer, Zarolin Milev,  is currently working on a joint collaboration with Kiba Rubble - Mesh designer &  Puss Hollow - Co-Creator,  to bring you the best in mesh for future designs. New store - Incoming - opening soon. Stay tuned.....

It's not very often one blushes but today a perfect stranger made me. While preparing today's photograph I received these photos from the gracious Kobielee Resident. I thought it best to pay tribute to an awesome and secret photographer. It absolutely made my day.

All About the Sweaters.....

With winter still lingering about I guess its only fair to be warm and stylish against its chill. I, for one, am ready for spring but all things in due time I guess. For now, keep warm mates. Cheers!

Cap & Hair by: Urban December - Atmosphere Cap w/ Brown Hair Group Gift
Sweater by: {K}Rea Mainstore - Striped Sweater in Brown
Pose by: Olive Juice - Lookbook Men 4: Hipsters Guy 2 for Only $25L!

Jacket by: [savvy avvy] - Fleece Track Jacket for Only $45L!
Jeans by: Rispetto Designs - Dark Blue Jeans for Only $50L!
Boots by: Latreia - Punk'd V2 in Black
Pose by: Olive Juice - Olive Juice- Fine Fellas Pose - Aloof You Man for Only $25L!

Embrace Your .... A V A T A R......

There was no other place perfect for this photo than the role play sim of The REALM of MYSTAR . The rich colors alone on the sim compliment this awesome skin provided by Tableau Vivant & of course the masterpiece jewelry by [ Y ] Style. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: Tableau Vivant - Noctis Group Gift
Hair by: Alli&Ali Designs - Moy Hair in Dark Brown for Only $50L.
Necklaces by: [ Y ] Style - Wearing Harnessed Necklace in Gold (1) & Harnessed Necklace in Gold (2)
                                          - To wear both necklaces for this effect, wear one and add the other -  

Gentle creature allowed me to capture them as I stood upon them.

Kilt by: *BATTLEMASTER* - Black Fur Textured Kilt for Only $10L!

All About Accessories....

The grunge or rough ryder look is all about accessories. Sure the outfit starts it but the additives seal the deal. Check out these quality items from Just You Jewels mates. Trust me you can't go wrong with them. Cheers!

Mouth Piece by: Just You Jewels - "My words are Secret" for Only $80L!
Scarf by:  Just You Jewels -  DUO " I Love You"  w/ His & Her Scarf for Only $220L!
Bracelet by: Just You Jewels - DUO "We have A Secret" w/ His & Her Bracelet for Only $199L!
Tee by: Guarded Cross - GC Lettered Long Sleeve T-Shirt V2 (Free)
Pose by: Olive Juice -Previously Blogged

Mouth Piece by: Just You Jewels - Leash Handcuff in the GATCHA box for Only $30L!
Tattoo by: ..:] Sweet Sin [:.. - Music is Life Chest Tattoo for Only $50L!
Pose by: Olive Juice - Lookbook Men Prt. 2 Package for Only $80L or Individual Pose Look Men 2 for Only $25L!

Tee by: Guarded Cross - Jack Daniel T-Shirt V3 (Free)
Jeans by: Kobalt Store  - Black Denim (Free)

Dressed by Savvy Avvy

Chic style is very versatile. I have highlighted slum chic, ghetto chic and now its time for the ultimate male chic. Then again maybe I shouldn't use the word chic and male in the same sentence?! Oh well, take a trip to Savvy Avvy today to enjoy their $10L sale & purchase other items priced under $100L. As well as, Olive Juice 50% Close Out sale. Cheers Mates!

Coat, Gloves & Scarf by: [savvy avvy] - Woolen Coat in Brown for Only $40L.
Pose by: Olive Juice - A Fine Madness: Men Package for Only $70L or Individual Pose Roger for Only 25L!

Sweater by: [savvy avvy] - Men's Rollneck Sweater in Biege for Only $25L!
Trench by: [savvy avvy] - Men's Fitted Trench in Brown Leather for Only $40L!
Slacks by: [savvy avvy] - Dress Slacks in Brown for Only $25L!
Ring by: [Y] Style - Previously Blogged
Pose by: Olive Juice - Lookbook Men Package for Only $80L or Individual Pose Look Men 2 for Only $25L!

Olive Juice Closing Sale Last till Sunday, February 19th.
50% off Pose Packs, Props, Couple Poses & Single Poses for Only $25L. 
I Highly Recommend Buying Full Pose Packs!

Combat ... Combat...

Visited Land of Nor - Remembrance Sim and squatted in a shed home for safety. The place is robust and being a new face on the block had its disadvantage. Just look at my face mates. Visit at your own risk. Cheers!

Eye Stitch by: Death Row Designs - Tattoo located in the discount area for only $20L!
Outfit by: Rispetto Designs - MM Gift -Ruvido Outfit. Includes Ripped and regular crew sweater w/ ripped jeans.
Necklace by: Just You Jewels - Past hunt gift but visit today fellas. Awesome items at reasonable prices.
Bracelets by: : Amorous : Mainstore -  Previously blogged.
Boots by: Death Row Designs - Boots Lazy 3 - Rotating MM Board Gift

My pitiful television.

Outfit by: Lotus Noir -  Albator Outfit rotating lucky chair gift.

Cafe Relaxation...

With the winter chill looming upon us, I figured a trip to a cozy cafe would be just the remedy today. So I bundled up and took a trip over to Albatross Coffee House  its a quaint little cafe with a wonderful variety of books to leisure about and enjoy. Take a trip today mates. Cheers!

Skin, Shape & Eyes by: Reila Skin & Fashion - Package "Adam" Skin -Medium 6" - Go Get It Today!
Hair by: DURA - January Group Gift
Sweater by: Reila Skin & Fashion - Argyle Sweater in Blue
Jeans by: Reila Skin & Fashion - Males Jeans Blue

Cafe Cup by: Albatross Coffee House :::L::: cafe latte Best Cup of Warmth 
Sweater by: *.amato.* - Coffee Stained Sweater Gift  from The Cafe Hunt
Jeans by: *.amato.* - Coffee Dipped Denim Gift  from The Cafe Hunt
Hint: Hot coffee on the kotatsu !

Join The Cafe Hunt 2012
Runs January 15th -  31st

Look for a Steaming Coffee Cup
Blog Location for Start Point:  CLICK HERE


Nothing more memorable than the time of love, peace and making love. Let's give tribute to an era no soon forgotten and often embraced. Cheers Mates.

Outfit by: 22769 Casual Couture - January Group Gift
Necklace by: Chichi of London - '60's Peace Pendant Hunt Gift
Glasses by: AIR - Previously Blogged
Hair by: [INK] Hair - Previously Blogged

CHICHI of London Presents:
1st Swingin '60's Peace Pendant Treasure Hunt!
Runs Saturday, January 14th, to Sunday, February 5th!
Look for (6) Peace Sign Prize Pendants.

Sunday Afternoon.....

High sun and cool breeze of the wind deserves a moment to relax and pause. Its been my trend lately and I think it has improved my overall enjoyment to my days. Enjoy Mates.

Glasses by: AIR - The Cafe Hunt Gift - Cresta Glasses Style Black. Hint: On the rose table !
Sweater by: D R O P . - The Cafe Hunt Gift -Grunge Knit. Hint: It is placed on the table.
Jeans by: [Sleeping Koala] - Worn Brown Jeans with Cuffs
Necklace & Ring by: [ Y ] style  - Previously Blogged

Join The Cafe Hunt 2012
Runs January 15th -  31st

Blog Location for Start Point: CLICK HERE

Dusk till Dawn....

Anyone that says the cathedral of No Salvation provides no peace are not trustworthy. Sometimes solitude and darkness helps one to embrace the light. Judge for yourselves mates at your own visit. Cheers!

Skin by: Reila Skins - December  Group Gift Still Available.
Shape by: KaTTyS ShapesGaditano Shape for Only $10L.
Hair by: Shag - Style - Animal Nitrate
Outfit by: Delirium Style - Past Lucky Chair Gift "The Falc LL". Visit Location for New Editions
Boots by: Kennedy's - Black Low Boots
Bracelets by: : Amorous : Mainstore - Store Gift "YOU" Bracelets

Friday Night Fever....

There is no other way to enjoy the evening than a night out on the town. You prepare with the right attire, cologne, a winning smile and a sure destination. All the right moves for the night. Cheers Mates!

Vest & Shirt Combo by: {:ThirteenTH:} - Pinstriped Vest in Chocolate with Black Dress Shirt
Pants by: GizzA - Black Pants Featured in the Christmas Group Gift (still available)
Shoes by: HOC - Leather Loafers - Available in 9 Leather Options
Ring by: [ Y ] Style - Group Gift - Shitagane Ring - Black

Visit My Sales Boudoir Event Which Runs for Two Weeks. Excellent Items from Some of SL's Finest Designers. All Items Priced Below $100L. Visit Today.

Nature's Best....

The beauty of sunsets are often forgotten, especially when everyone are in such a hurry to go here or there. Today I took a moment to bask under the glowing sun and I think you should do the same. Cheers Mates!

Hair by:  [INK] Hair - Group Gift - DAMN Hair available in Black, Blonde & Brown Shades. 
Eyes by: Adam & Eve - Wolverine Brown Eyes
Necklace by: Graffitiwear - For Whatever Hunt - Feathered Aztec Pendant.
                                        Hint: If you really want to find me, you'll have to look in accessories 

For Whatever Hunt Runs from January 1st till January 31st. Start Point is Here
Hunt Item is a Sculpted "W". Good Luck & Happy Hunting.

Sweater by: *HooLigaN Ink* - Turtleneck Sweater in Beige
Jacket by: KREW - Tan Plaid Casual Jacket 
Pants by: Poison - MM Board Gift - Corduroy jeans - (still available) 
Boots by: [NL] - Free Country Boots in Black

Zenith's Serenity....

Visited Zenith Fashion Store today and I must say, in addition to their incredible clothing apparel the atmosphere is just as soothing. Don't believe me? Stop by today and judge for yourself. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: -Belleza- Past Men Only Hunt Gift.
Shape by: Bird.Next.Door - Taki Shape for Only $10L.
Sweater by: Zenith Fashion - Featured in the Group Gift - Sweater & Plaid Shorts Outfit
Jeans by: Poison - Original Black Jeans Optioned w/ Low Rider & Regular Style

Styled in Warmth....

Sweaters never lose their charm in the winter. They are versatile in every way. Check out these from Mens.Select by designing stores Loordes of London and Sour Pickles.

Polo Shirt by: artMEfashion - Polo T Pack for $0L on Marketplace.
Cardigan by: LOORDES OF LONDON - Free Gift but be sure to purchase the Skye color for only $50L!
Jeans by: SAD Fashion - Jeans Featured in the Casual Choice for Men Outfit.

Love the combination offered with this look.

Sweater by: Sour Pickles (SP) - Keep Me Warm Sweater in Color Grass for Only $50L

Junkyard Treasures.....

 The Junkyard by Santo is a MUST visit fellas. From Kicks, to Chucks,  to Apparel the place is loaded with awesome deals at the can't beat price of...FREE! Yeah you read right. Its all free but hey show some linden love in donation to keep this place up and running! Cheers Mates!

Field Jacket & Tee Set by: SANTO - Free Army Jacket Pictured Above.
Boots by: SANTO - Hool_Boots Pictured Above.

You Must Grab the Kicks Fat Pack.

I Favor the Army Apparel & Rocky Tee!

Now GO Shop! Don't Forget the Chucks!! 

Sales & Deals You Can't Pass... at Mens.Select

Sweater by: {K}Rea Mainstore - Striped Sweater in Black 50% Off at $60L!  
Jeans by: -SG-  Previously Blogged  
Necklace by:  [ Y ] Style - Previously Blogged.

Sweater by: 22769 - Leopard Lace Jumper Sweater for Only $80L @ Mens.Select

Outfit by: Rispetto Designs - Vento Outfit in Brown for Only $75L @ Mens.Select

Outfit by: :[strip'd]: - NewEra Polarized MM Gift (still available)! Go lock the board mates.
Necklace by: [ Y ] Style - Previously Blogged.

Lip Piercings by: Sour Pickles (SP) - Fortune Piercing for Only $1L @ Mens.Select

EmoS & Lash-Ware Tag Team....

Skin by: EmoS - GIANNI Pack includes (8) Skins & (2) Shapes  w/ Tattoo Options for Only $20L! Featured above: Shape - Tall & Skin-Light w/ Tattoo  
Hair by: Shag Hair  - Style: Misfit  Color: Bistre (not free)  
Jeans by: EmoS - Ripped Jeans_05 Included in the GIANNI Pack!

Skin by: EmoS - Featured above: Shape - Tall & Skin-Light  
Outfit by: Lash-Ware (LW) - Leather Race in Purple. Outfit includes jacket and tank separate wear options.

Outfit by: Lash-Ware (LW) - Winter Days in Red.  
Facial Animation by: AnyPose Expression - Free HUD! Option Used Above: Smile

Skin by: EmoS - Featured above: Shape - Medium & Skin-Tan  
Hair by:  Shag Hair - Style: Hard Candy Color: Chocolate (not free)  
Outfit by: Lash-Ware (LW) -  Lazy Days in Yellow.

Skin by: EmoS - Featured above: Shape - Medium & Skin-Tan w/ Beard.  
Outfit by: Lash-Ware (LW) - Khaki-n-Leather w/ Multiple Mix & Match Options.