Creators Collection Box Event Is Underway!!!!!

The winter edition for the Creators Collection Box has begun! As always, this event will showcase some of Second Life's amazing Japanese brands. This is definitely a sale you don't want to miss. So please be sure check it out! You won't be disappointed!

Creators Collection Box Event 

Opens: Saturday, Novemeber 19th till Monday, December 19th!!
Web Catalog: click
Location: click

'....time to apologize mate'

'....time to apologize mate'

Jacket: ::K:: Fur Collar Coat Homme NepTweed-Sand @ TMD
Slacks: kalback - Original Chino
Socks: ..::ILLI::.. MeshProject Adapter Socks to SLink Male
Shoes: ..::ILLI::.. Lawrence Loafers (New)

Dog: Tomato Park - Saint Bernard Mesh 3.3 ( roaming + wearable )
Tree: Panavia - Winter Tree "Fagus" @ [Draftsman] An SL Architecture Event

Pose: RK Poses -Bob_3

Location: Winter Trace

'just a room'

'just a room'

6º Republic Decor Items

Flowers: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Vase with Tulips - TP

Globe: Ariskea - {Australia} Memory of Life - TP
Plant: Ariskea -{Australia} Orchid Plant
Rug: Ariskea -{Australia} Macrame Rug
Twigs: Ariskea -{Australia} Olive twigs

Table: Artisan Fantasy -  Art Studio Table (Rare) - TP

Frame: {BE} - Wall Art *Canal* - TP

Camera: David Heather - Austri Camera - TP

Scarf: Dead dollz -The Warm One - Scarf - Navy - TP
Sweater: Dead Dollz - The Warm One - Sweater - Lilac

Clock: IDEZA - Indus Clock - TP
Light: IDEZA - Indus Wall Light
Lights: IDEZA - Indus Lights 1

Figurine: [Merak] - Rustic Kangaroo Figurine - TP
Shelf: Merak - Aussie Rustic Kitchen - Shelf

Candle: MadPea - Dinkum Dingo Diner - Old Candlestick - TP
Roll: MadPea Dinkum Dingo Diner - Toilet Paper Holder

Bath: MudHoney - Cooper Bath Adult - TP
Brush: MudHoney - Cooper Body Brush
Candle: MudHoney - Cooper Candle
Crate: MudHoney - Cooper Crate 2
Cup: MudHoney - Cooper Toothbrush Cup
Cup: MudHoney - Cooper Book and Flat White
Diffuser: MudHoney - Cooper Diffuser
Incense: MudHoney - Cooper Incense
Items: MudHoney - Cooper Her Supplies
Items: MudHoney - Cooper His Supplies
Jar: MudHoney - Cooper Jar
Magazines: MudHoney - Cooper Magazines
Moisturizer: MudHoney - Cooper Moisturizers
Mirror: MudHoney - Cooper Vanity Mirror
Platform: MudHoney - Cooper Bath Platform
Shampoo: MudHoney - Cooper Shampoos
Shelf: MudHoney - Cooper Towel Shelf
Soap: MudHoney - Cooper Soap Dish
Toilet: MudHoney - Cooper Toilet
Toilet Paper: MudHoney - Cooper TP Stack
Towels: MudHoney - Cooper Bath Towels
Towel: MudHoney - Cooper Hand Towels
Towels: MudHoney - Cooper Rolled Towels
Vanity:  MudHoney - Cooper Vanity

Books: not so bad . AUSTRALIA old book - TP

Clock: Tentacio - Broken Clock - TP
Radio: Tentacio - radio

Structure: ::no13:: - Narrow House - TP

Curtains: *BHL - The Saint Germain Drapes "Vintage" right @ The Crossroads Event

Book: .peaches. Vintage Desk - Book and Pen @ The Crossroads Event
Letter: .peaches. Vintage Desk - Love Letter
Tree: Little Branch - Mystic Board Leaf.v2{4Seasons} @ The Liaison Collaborative

Cat: StoraxTree - Feline Treasures - Naptime - Ginger Tabby b

6º Republic Event

Poster Official: 6º Republic Event (November 2016)

We Decorate SL (With Passion) with the collaboration of Fanatik and NotsoBad presents:
 6º Republic Event: VISIT 

We're excited to announce the theme for our upcoming edition this Sunday, November 6th till 20th!!!! - Amsterdam VS Australia As always there's an industrial background present but this time with the following influences: vintage, rustic, antique, steampunk.

For more details:

- 6º Republic Blog
- Facebook Official Page
- Flickr Photography Group 
- 6 Republic Update SecondLife Group

Save the Date: [Draftsman] An SL Architecture Event

[Draftsman] - Nov. 20th

Draftsman aims to bring the best designers and architects together in one bi-monthly shopping event unlike any others. Focusing on original, unique mesh we will be taking visitors back through time from the dawn of man to the future societies of tomorrow.

Opening on the 20th of every other month.

Presented by Every Pixel Is Art & Wazzer Works.

Coming November 20th 2016. Architect designers who are interested, please contact Waterfall Farshore or Kaelyn Alecto for more information

Visit: HERE

'even amid the silence, your presence is a warmth to my soul'

'even amid the silence, your presence is a warmth to my soul'

The Crossroads Event
Ends: Friday, October 28th
Facebook: click
Flickr: click
Gift Location: click

Beard: [Hipster Style] Sam Facial Hair Black @ The Crossroads Event
Hairbase: [Hipster Style] Ronan Hairbase Black @ The Crossroads Event
Jacket: [ Excellence ] - Jeans_Stesha @ The Crossroads Event
Jeans:  kalback - Original Jeans_Dirty
Necklace: [ kunst ] - Phoenix Tag necklace @ TMD
Tattoo: [Hipster Style] - Paul Tattoo @ The Crossroads Event

Pose: Del May - Philosopher Male

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