[...Save the Date...6º Republic Event]

6 Republic Event Official AD May 2016 --------------------------------------

When: Friday, May 6th till Friday, May 20th
Theme: New York VS London


[...whatever lies ahead won't deter me...I'm ready]

[...whatever lies ahead won't deter me...I'm ready]

Event: Hearts for Nine Stations  
Ends: Monday, May 2nd

Complete Outfit: hoorenbeek [h] - Duke (NEW)

Beer: [ kunst ] - Kunsteiner can / Red ale
Dog: Just Animals - German Shepherd

Pose: Chat Noir - Male pocket pose #5 (slightly modified) @ Heart for Nine States Event

Location: Nusquam

Now playing: Simple Man by Shinedown

[.....no sorrows to drown....I'm finding a new beginning]

[.....no sorrows to drown....I'm finding a new beginning]

Complete Outfit: hoorenbeek [h] - Torrance (NEW)
Hat: Argrace - Military Cap

Bag: Caligula - Combat duffle bag black
Bag: [Deadwool] - Janus duffle bag - olive


Ash tray: .:Hermony:. - Ashtray&Cigarettes
Beer: [ kunst ] - Kunsteiner mug / Red ale #1
Bowl: [Ginger Line] - Nuts Mix
Chair: Soy. Old laboratory chair
Cigarettes Set: Tartessos Arts - Chungo Set (C)
Paper: Apple Fall - Crumpled Newspaper
Personal items: Bazar - Traveler Vintage personal items
Tab: Ideza Furniture - Mon petit bistro The Bill

Sim Structure: Pixel Mode - Fall Harvest - Barn

Pose: Del May - Dropped note (slightly modified)

Location: Nusquam

Now playing: Over You by Daughtry

[......about that walk mate?]

[......about that walk mate?]


Outfit: ::K:: - S/S Jump Suit Homme Ocher @ Shiny Shabby
Shoes: .::ILLI::..  - Sean w/ HUD

Necklace: [MANDALA] - Onigiri necklace/inca Gold
Tattoo: .Inhale. - Warrior Tattoo
Wrist: [ kunst ] - Infinity cuffs @ The Liaison Collaborative

Basket: Serenity Style - Natural Way Basket@ Shiny Shabby
Dog: theosophy - Shibu Inu Hurry Up
Tree: Mitsuko Kytori - Spring Trees with Wind effect and Flower

Pose: [3M] - Chairs 5_0 (modified)

Location: NorderNey

[......the heart of the matter is home]

[......the heart of the matter is home]

Sweater: ::K:: - V-Neck Pullover Homme Sand  @ Shiny Shabby
Pants: ::K:: - Relaxed Knit &Sewn Trousers in Black


Frame: 22769/bauwerk - Farmhouse Bathroom Mirror @ The Liaison Collaborative
Plant: 22769/bauwerk - Aloe Vera Black (gift) @ The Liaison Collaborative

Chair: DIGS - Milligan Chair @ The Liaison Collaborative
Ottoman: DIGS - Milligan Ottoman @ The Liaison Collaborative

Papers: [Toiz] - 6. developer (gacha) The Liaison Collaborative
Tray: [Toiz] - 7. portfolio (gacha) @ The Liaison Collaborative

Bass: CONVAIR - String Bass @ The Liaison Collaborative

Bottle: [ keke ] - Water bottles @ The Liaison Collaborative

Cup: .random.Matter. - Tea Time - Cup of Tea [White] @ The Liaison Collaborative

Frame: uK - Industrial Frame 3 White @ The Liaison Collaborative

Potted Plant: Kalopsia - Bottle Vase - Yellow @ The Liaison Collaborative

Art: 22769 /[bauwerk] Pallet Art Brooklyn Bridge @ Tres Chic
Bed: 22769/bauwerk - Pallet @ Tres Chic
Fireplace: Apple Fall - Period Fireplace @ Shiny Shabby
Art: Wood Works Furniture - Three panel island @ Spring Frest $10L Cart Sale
Pillows: The Artist Shed - Funky Pillow Stack (One) @ Spring Frest $10L Cart Sale

Bag: 22769/[bauwerk] - Woven Bag Sand
Bag: David Heather - Yves Mahogany Bag
Blankets: Serenity Style - Pile of Blankets
Books: {BE} - Books
Books: Serenity Style- Pile of Books
Candles: C- Outlet - Melie Candles
Chair: 22769/[bauwerk] Coat Chair
Clock: LISP - Juliette Alarm Clocks - Metals
Lamp: Aria's Stuff - Classic lamp
Pad: Hydro - Notepad Open
Picture frame: cloud66 - Photo frame (gift)
Plant: Terashop - Office Plants /Potted Philodendron MC
Rug: Artisan Fantasy - Hacienda Striped Rug
Slippers: Bazar - Torronto-Slippers
Slippers: Tartessos Arts - Leather Slippers
Stand: Bazar -Toronto-Night table left
Suitcase: Apple Fall - Apple Fall - Monogram Suitcases
Wall bricks: [NO CONCEPT] - wall brick1(dark brown)
Wall decor: R2 Innovations - Lie With Me Wall Stencil V2
Cat: StoraxTree- Feline Treasures - Naptime - Dk Grey Tabby m
Structure: -aKa- Expo Skybox
Couple Pose: RK Poses - Forever (gift) female position used
Poses: RK Poses - Remy #2 (slightly modified)

Now playing: Be by Daley

| Save the Date |

Tannenbaum Holiday Market

Coming this holiday season, Tannenbaum's Holiday Market!! It's an event featuring some of Second Life's outstanding brands across the grid; selling festive clothing, jewelry, skins, hairs, home decor, toys and treats, and more! Once you have done your shopping you should wander into the Christmas Tree Lot and peruse a fantastic selection of ornaments, lights, garland and other trims for your tree!

Tannenbaum's Holiday Market opens Wednesday, November 25th and promises to be a delightful place, where Second Life residents are sure to be swept up in the holiday spirit! Hope to see you there.

Facebook Page: HERE
Location: HERE

| Creators Collection Box Is OPEN |

Creators Collection Box (Event Announcement)

The winter event for the Creators Collection Box showcasing some amazing Japanese items by their designers has begun. It's a sale you don't want to miss. So please stop over today and check out these brands and their releases.

Begins: November 21st till December 12th

Location: HERE
Website: HERE