Beard: Unorthodox - Content Freaked
Hair: Unorthodox - Good Hair Fro (NEW)
Skin: Ooh-la-licious Skins - Lorenzo in Coffee
Pants: Delirium Style - Sport Baggy in Black (NEW)
Shoes: Lucien Marcello - Velcro Sneakers 2
Bag: Deadwool - Janus Duffle @ Mens Department
Ashtray: Glow Box Designs - Tray w/ butts
Cigarette/Coffee Cup: Hermony -Ultimate Cigarette Package
Chair/Table: Cheeky Pea - Quinn Set Items
Lamp: nordari. - recycling lamps (gift)
Wall Texture: Khan Omizu - Shiny Rust
Wallet: Tartessos Arts - Avenue wallet
Wood Board: Blackwoods Mafia - Industrial wood planks
Blog Mood: Today was a good day by Ice Cube

[I am... the who... I say I am...]

[I am... the who... I say I am...]
Hair: Unorthodox - Fli Guy w/ beard (NEW)
Shape: Mr. Bloch - Zayne
Skin: Mr. Bloch - Zane Tone #2

Top: AMERICAN BAZAAR - Casual Hoodie in Brown @ 100 Block Event
Jeans: AMERICAN BAZAAR - Baggy Jeans in Black @ 100 Block Event

Pose: Axix - Untouchable #5 @ Rock Attitude Fashion Fair

Location: Hathian, Crack Den

Blog Mood: The Way I am by Eminem

[Letting go of those shadows...]

[Letting go of those shadows...]
Shape: Mr. Bloch - Alex
Skin: Mr. Bloch - Gavin Tone #3
Hair: Exile - Broken Strings in Sunset

Top: Aphorism - Houndstooth Waistcoat @ Mens Department
Pants: 22679 Casual Couture - Chinos in Brown
Shoes: VG Shoes - Walker Boots in Duo Brown

Location: *Frisland*

Blog Mood: Shadow Days by John Mayer

[An undeniable warmth between two...]

[An undeniable warmth between two...]
Now peace is so hard to find
We're terrorized and victimized
But that's when I close my eyes
And think of you to ease my mind

You take me to another place
There's no more war just love and grace
Baby you restore my faith
I know the struggles not in vain......

Refuge (When It's Cold Outside) by John Legend
Pose: Image Essentials [IE] -  Here & Now