Combat ... Combat...

Visited Land of Nor - Remembrance Sim and squatted in a shed home for safety. The place is robust and being a new face on the block had its disadvantage. Just look at my face mates. Visit at your own risk. Cheers!

Eye Stitch by: Death Row Designs - Tattoo located in the discount area for only $20L!
Outfit by: Rispetto Designs - MM Gift -Ruvido Outfit. Includes Ripped and regular crew sweater w/ ripped jeans.
Necklace by: Just You Jewels - Past hunt gift but visit today fellas. Awesome items at reasonable prices.
Bracelets by: : Amorous : Mainstore -  Previously blogged.
Boots by: Death Row Designs - Boots Lazy 3 - Rotating MM Board Gift

My pitiful television.

Outfit by: Lotus Noir -  Albator Outfit rotating lucky chair gift.

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