Warrior Amongst Men.....

Riches untold, leading an army that reigns undefeated, purposefully single in the land of plenty and third son to the king. I am...... Cheers Mates!

Shape by: Glamour HQ  - Mark Shape featured in the shape & skin package
Outfit by: Shattered Heart (SH) - Outlander Male Warrior Kilt  for Free!

News Update: Shattered Heart designer, Zarolin Milev,  is currently working on a joint collaboration with Kiba Rubble - Mesh designer &  Puss Hollow - Co-Creator,  to bring you the best in mesh for future designs. New store - Incoming - opening soon. Stay tuned.....

It's not very often one blushes but today a perfect stranger made me. While preparing today's photograph I received these photos from the gracious Kobielee Resident. I thought it best to pay tribute to an awesome and secret photographer. It absolutely made my day.

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