Mens.Select Style

Mens.Select has sent out their 7th Edition Sales Event that runs for two weeks. Here you can purchase items from some of SL designers at 40% to 50% off! Can't pass that up Mates. Cheers.

Skin & Shape by: EmoS - Dario Tan Skin & Shape Tall w/ Beard 01 Featured in Photo. Pack Includes (5) Beard Options, (4) Skins, (3) Shapes, (6) Eye Shades , (3) T-Shirts & Jeans for Only $20L
Hair by: DURA - Dura Boy 29 in Black
Rings by:  [Y] Style -  Shitagane Ring in Black
Sweater by: Reila Skins & Fashion - Argyle Sweater (MS6)
Jeans by: EmoS - Featured in the Dario Skin & Shape Pack.

Skin & Shape by: EmoS - Dario Skin Dark & Shape Medium w/ Beard 01
Sweater by: Sour Pickles [SP] -  Latches Sweater in Steel Plaid


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