A Quiet Day

Some days you have to just sit and let your mind wander. Let any and all random thoughts just take you away. It doesn't have to happen often but whenever you need a little silence, I strongly recommend you do. Never know what you will discover in those silent moments. Cheers Mates!

Glasses by: AIR - Cresta Glasses (previously featured hunt item)
Cardigan by: Rispetto Designs - Winter Chill Hunt Gift- Hint #13: Gee thanks! Its cold out and I get the draft! Well done!
Shirt & Jeans by: Rispetto Designs - Jeans & Shirt Featured in the Libero Outfit. Includes: Dark Grey, Sand & White Shirt w/ Jeans

Cap by: FreakyDesign - Knit Winter Hat in Grey - Hint: #27:   Brrrr cold!

Photo Location:  Albatross Coffee House

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