Discovery... Protest...

Evening mates! I am bringing you some Mesh Around Hunt items. It is quite the hunt, even if the females have the great advantage in it. I predict one day there will only be MALE hunts! Yeah I said it. No more catering to the them. It's enough already ... but ... then again, we can't have unhappy women around us. Damn! What a catch 22. Cheers!

Shape by: [F]uchOn Design - Jooe Shape MOH2 Hunt Gift
Skin by: (red) Sand - The Goof MOH2 Hunt Gift #97
Outfit by: Bitch Tail - Speak Now - Mesh Around Hunt Gift # 40
Mesh Shoes by: Latreia Foot Fashion - Sneek Camo - (new release)
Necklaces by: [ Y ] Style -Furugane Necklace in Black

Right Mesh Tank by: PopTart Main Store - Mesh Around Hunt Gift #59
Right Pose by: STAKEY - Posted Up #6
Left Mesh Tee by: NiNight Creations - Mesh Around Hunt Gift  # 56
Left Pose by: STAKEY - Posted Up # 7
Mesh Pants by: Cysleek - Baggy Pants w/ flip Flops (not shown)

Mesh Around Hunt Ends June 15th. More Information HERE

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