The Yard

My Sale Boudoir Fair Festival begins Sunday mates! EnvyMe have these awesome jeans and tees for us. Three styles in each jean pack for the price of $255L and each tee for $105L. Again, I recommend you take a friend and/or your girl. There is plenty to see. Cheers.

Left Shirt by: EnvyMe -  V Neck Kaid in Red @ My Sale Boudoir Fair Festival
Left Jeans by: EnvyMe -  Metallic Jeans in (3) Size Options Boot, Fit & Regular
Right Shirts by: EnvyMe -  V Neck Bros in White ($105L)
Right Jeans by: EnvyMe -  Dirty Black in (3) Size Options Boot, Fit & Normal
Bracelets by: CHOP ZUEY - Ivanhoe Rd/Bk # MenStuff
Headphones by: Primal Groove - Smile Sellbox w/ Color Changer (free)
Tattoo by: Olympo - Maori (gift)
Sneakers by: Latreia Foot Fashion - Sneeks RedSkull
Pose by: Diesel Works Poses & Animations - July Gift 1.2

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