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It's hump day mates and I can't wait for the weekend, however a few more days stand in the way. So, till then I wanted to remind you that Fashion Voodoo ends TOMORROW! If you haven't been, then get going and stop by DECO for their awesome Rivet boots. Also, yesterday I featured Rispetto Designs Settembre denim jacket. I must say I dig it and today I want you to check out the Borchia outfit. From there be sure to stop over to Frostings!! They have a wide selection of male shapes and I am a fan! Now before you think you are done, don't miss out on the sale items at Mens Department. Finally some catering to us mates. Cheers!

Shape by: Frostings!! - Vintage
Skin by: Nivaro - Crow Skin  (@ The Mens Dept)
Outfit by: Rispetto Designs - Borchia Includes (2) Crew Shirts, (2) Jean Styles & Jacket (NEW Release)
Boots by: DECO - Rivet Boots Sky @ Fashion Voodoo

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