Benjaminz - MenStuff Hunt

Mates there is one thing I like most about hunts and that's the discovery of a new store. Benjaminz hit it on the head with this awesome urban gift. If you haven't started the hunt yet, I advise you to get to moving. Cheers!

Skin by: Belleza - Jacob Tan
Beard by: Egoisme - MenStuff Hunt Gift #1
Hair by: Atro Patena - Kelvin
Outfit by: Benjaminz - MenStuff Hunt Gift #145
Shoes by: Latreia Foot Fashion - Trek in Black/Silver
Arm Tattoo by: v3 Tattoo - MenStuff Hunt Gift #108
Right Bracelet by: Rookhold - MenStuff Hunt Gift #35
Neck Tattoo by: Fe Style - Stars

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