Fashion Voodoo (FV) @ Depraved Nation

Yes Mates, its about that time to satisfy all of your urban, goth, punk, grunge and poster child thrill of all things delinquent. FASHION VOODOO sponsored by Depraved Nation begins tomorrow!! Yes, tomorrow! So don't try to sneak over yet but when it opens, be sure to take your wallet and your friends! Cheers!

Skin by: AKERUKA - Damien
Shape by: Frosting!! - Marcus (FV)
Ear Attachment by: Scrub - Voo-doo (FV)
Shirt by: SAKIDE - V Neck Tees- (r) Cross & (l) Inverted Cross (FV)
Jeans by: Bird.Next.Door - Check in Black
Shoes by: AsYLUM - Exclusive VooDoo Slip Ons (FV)
Belt by: Phoebe Piercings - The Pentacle Belt (55L Weekend)
Bracelet by: Phoebe Piercings - Leather Goth Cross
Chain Bracelets by: [Y] Style - Furugane in Black
Mask by: A & Y - Inferno Gas Mask (FV)
Tattoo by: Endless Tattoos - Rebel Angel (FV)

Facial Scar by: Fallen Doll - Smile Fresh & Smile Scar (FV)
Ring by: HANDverk - Gas Mask in Silver (FV)
Shirt by: SAKIDE - V Neck Tees- (r) Force & (l) Premium (FV)

Eye by: Poetic Colors - Caramel (gift)
Facial Piercing by: .HollyWeird. - (FV)
Shirt by: SAKIDE - V Neck Tees- (r) Wicked Cross (FV)

More Details:
SAKIDE V Neck Tees feature a black & white option to each pack, priced @ $70L each


Begins, Tomorrow Aug. 10th till 30th

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