Mates, be sure to check out the Black Only Event that ends on the 31st. Retro' brand offers the Metal Jacket for us at a very affordable price. Also, I have said it before and will say again, Maxi Gossamer Jewelry Shop is a place you must visit. In fact, take a friend and definitely your significant other. The Black Cross of Assisi necklaced featured today is another example of her creativity. So, till next time mates, Cheers!
Jacket by: Retro' - Metal Jacket Man - Black Only Event ($65L)
Jeans by: no.07 - Dodeka
Belt by: Lapointe & Bastchild Designs - Looped
Necklace by: Maxi Gossamer Jewellery Shop (MG) - Black Cross of Assisi
Boots by: [NN] Designs - Old Boots

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