Good day mates. Bringing you a new release by Rispetto Designs. This is the Moda jacket with striped leather accents. Confessions, I love this design. It is available with or without the undershirt. I will be featuring the Ottobre outfit soon. The jeans are by Razorblade Jacket which you can pick up at the SWAG Fest. The great skin by Diamondz Beauty, which you can purchase at the Boho Culture Fair. You know I am a fan of this brand. Their darker tones are amazing. So until next time mates -- Cheers!
Shape by: Frostings!! - Drake
Skin by: diamondz Beauty - Justin Black @ The Boho Culture Fest
Hair by: DURA - Boys #37 in Black
Jacket Combo by: Rispetto Designs - Moda -Stripe- in Plum. Available w/ or w/o Undershirt (NEW Release)
Jeans by: Razorblade Jacket - Bossy Swag in Black @ The Swag Fest
Necklace by: [Y]style - Shitagane in Black/Silver
Shoes by: INDI Designs - O'Donnell in Black

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