Today I was challenged by a hunt so much so I came close to tarnishing my flawless record. The MadPea Hunt --The Case of Praying Mary-- is a hunt you must complete. Its well organized, the storyline is rich and engaging, while the hunt gifts are well worth the tantrums and random use of profanity as you look for that wooden cross left by, serial killer, Mary. I can't take too much credit in this quest because I hit a rather hard snag at the end. You see, once you obtain all the wooden crosses you are directed towards the manor. I found the endgame hint a bit vague but not a complete deal breaker. The staff I found to be very helpful but all credit goes to the gorgeous, KateForever Resident. She had pity on me and graciously assisted me to figuring out how to obtain my gifts. So to you, Kate, I say thank you. I will definitely participate in the next MadPea Hunt and will be sure to have Kate on speed dial--hopefully she answers. Cheers!
Outfits by: 22769 Casual Couture - The Case of Praying Mary Hunt Gift (His & Hers)
His Shoes by: Latreia Foot Fashion - Ryder in Black
Her Shoes by: HOC Industries - Noir Stilettos
Knife by: Love Zombie - The Case of Praying Mary Hunt Gift
Pose by: Purple Poses - Pose #68

MadPea Website - HERE
Start Point: HERE
Hunt Item: Wooden Cross

$10L Charge for HUD

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