New releases for you mates. Both items are a great addition but I must say, +HUHU+ illegal sneakers made me laugh. Please know I by no means promote the imagine on my shoes or inhaled the substance. I would however admit to appreciating the -contact- this substance can cause. Now, on to Cyleek Designs cool winter padded vest. The design comes in an assortment of colors, so go and grab three or four, you won't be disappointed. Cheers mates and here's to the weekend.
Skin by: Filthy - Steph * Vincent. Brown. 04 (group gift)
Shape by: Frostings!! - Travie
Hair by: DURA & GABRIEL - Knit Cap
Sweater & Vest by: Cysleek Designs - Padded Vest in Yellow (NEW Release)
Jeans by: Bird.Next.Door - Baggy Jog Pants
Sneakers by: +HUHU+ - Illegal Sneaker

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