22769 - Advent Holiday Calendar

Like every year, 22769 Casual Couture, puts up a huge Christmas tree to celebrate their Advent Calendar Event. This means, each day in December (and that day only) the parcel with the right number gives out the gift of the day. You can get clothing accessories, furniture, decorative elements, nicknacks all kind of things! So don't miss out. Visit 22769 Casual Couture everyday for your holiday gift! I have chosen to wear today's gift -- The Naughty Team Hat. Yes there is a Team Nice Hat but you will have to stop over and pick it up to see what it looks like. Cheers!
Hat by: 22769 Casual Couture - Day One Gift - Team Naughty Hat (pictured) & Team Nice Hat (not pictured)

Frames by: 22769 Casual Couture - Day Two Gift - Winter Frames

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