Just Give Me A Head Start

The Winter Fair doesn't end till December 15th mates and the Frost Winter Fashion Fair begins on December 12th! Be sure to visit! Take a friend or several and see what winter fashion you can add to your wardrobe. You won't be disappointed at all. Cheers!
Skin by: G R A V I T Y skins - Sammuel wildBeard 2
Shape by: FROSTING - Drake (50% off Sale & Check Out $10L Christmas Presents Around the Store)
Jacket by: Razorblade Jacket - Smart Wool 1/2 Sweater in Blue @ Winter Fair 2012
Jeans by: Razorblade Jacket - Boss in Black (past exclusive)
Shoes by: BUID - Boots in Black
Tattoo by: Endless Pain Tattoo - Asian Dragon (Frost Winter Fashion Fair Available 12/12)

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