Hint of Spring

Out for a walk and I kind of tripped but made it look cool in this pose. Talk about quick on your feet with others looking about. Cheers Mates!

Shape by: Body Doubles - Regrave Craig Modifiable  Male Shape@ MenStuff Lounge (free)
Hair by: Dura - Boys & Girls #20 in Black
Outfit by: Lash - Ware (LW) - Classy Summer (25L)
Sneakers by: LOORDES OF LONDON -Snickkes- Grunge in Moss @ The Den (50L)
Necklace by: Lash-Ware (LW) - Lust4Life Necklace

aRt mY boDy

All ink. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: ::JOMO:: - Boy Skin 014B G (lucky gift)
Shape by: Sweet Sin - Shape 34
Hair by: [Atro Patena] - Kelvin (subscribe gift)
Mesh Shirt by: (RED) Sand Inc.  - Opening Gift Available in (3) Style Variations (gift)
Mesh Jeans by: Bird.Next.Door - Baggy Check Jeans (45L)

Eyes by: VerseEye - SolarEyes - Earth 1 ($49L)
Hair Base by: :[Shapespeare]: - Love sets you free Available in (8) Style Variations
Tattoo by: The White Angel Creations -  Demon Tattoo

Tank Expression....

Talk about saying it in words. Earth Nirvana has given us fellas more reason to make a statement with clothing. Now don't get me wrong, I don't endorse these comments printed across my chest but I can't say I don't think them. Yeah hypocrite I know but its cool. It is what it is as Earth says. Cheers Mates!

Tanks by: Earth's Bangles - Mesh Tanks - Green & Orange Tank (50L) Blue Tank (free)
Jeans by: Bird Next Door Shop - Mesh Baggy Jeans Promo Offer $10L (one week)
Necklace by: [ Y ] style - Sunahama Necklace in Blue
Hand Tattoo by: La Malvada Mujer - La Mano (gift)
Tattoo by: Rams Tattoo - Henna Divinas Group Gift
Sneakers by: S!ns* :: Apparel - Allystars .: Whites :. High Drunks Sneakers ($35L)
End Poses by: [Expressive Poses] - Josh 2.0 Pose # 2
Middle Pose by: [Expressive Poses] - FREE For Men

House Arrest...

Since leaving my home wasn't an option today I had to find a way to pass the time. You know its not an easy thing when you can't leave when you want. Then again it wasn't all bad towards the evening. Cheers Mates.

Skin by: Emos - 04 Skin 02 in Tan Featured in Vito Complete Avatar ($99L)
Shape by: ShapeShifter - Group Gift
Eyes by: Emos - 02 Eyes in Green Tan Featured in Vito Complete Avatar
T-Shirt by: - Public Enemy - Joe Cool ($10L)
Bracelets by: Bird Next Door Shop - Unisex  Arm Bands  ($5L)
Jeans by:  Emos - Featured in the Vito - Complete Avatar Pack
Sneakers by: S!ns* :: Apparel - Allystars .: Whites :. High Drunks Sneakers ($35L)

Boxers by: Cysleek Tattoo Design - 3 in one pack (white, blue & steel)
Pose by: PURPLE POSES - PURPLEPoseBall #121

Bit of Chill...

Seems winter hasn't said its official goodbye. The air is brisk & the rain cool as it falls. Seems like one of those days you just want to stay home & do nothing. Wish I could have been so lucky. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: .:: JStyLe store::. - Eternale 7000 Member Gift
Hoodie by: S!ns* :: Apparel - Casual Hoodie .: Black
Jeans by: ::VMC:: - Featured in the Fabiano Outfit
Shoes by: :: Latreia :: Foot Fashion - Rebel Slips in Red
Tape by: Bird.Next.Door Shop - Unisex Taped Glove w/ Arm Bands
Face Art by: ::M2M:: - _YC/Victorian Letters - Face

Back to Sleep

Zzzzzzzzzz......Cheers Mates.

Skin by: Sephora - Maximus - Deep Tan 2 - HB
Outfit by: Delirium Style - Astrix Includes Sweater, Mesh Jeans (5 sizes), (new release) Boxers & Ear Plugs (new release)

Photo Location: Lovely's Photo Studio

Yet Another Day...

More food for thought today but when I can make sense of it all, I might be able to leave these ground hog days behind. Though I am enjoying the reason to have a drink. Cheers Mates!

Eyes by: Unique Megastore - Sensitive Eyes 8
Skin by: Belleza - (past hunt gift but visit the store to check out their group gift)
Hair by: Dura -  Boy #17 in Black
Mesh Shirt by: Rispetto Designs - Moderno Shirt Set (new release/ $120L) Available in Solid Black Shirt & Black Shirt w/ Plaid Cuffs (pictured above)

Calendar Highlights:

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Men Only Hunt Begins May 26th till June 9th - Click Here

--note-- Depraved Hunt will make all information available closer to the start date.


Ground hog day one with instant replay and possible rewinding of yesterday's events. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: .:: JStyLe store::. - Frank Male Group Gift
T shirt by: Sartoria - LE Collection Gift T Shirt "DAWN" free  Sartoria @ Mimi's Choice
Pants by: Immerschoen Fashion - Featured in the April Group Gift
Belt by: Lapointe & Bastchild  - "Celtic" Leather Unisex Belt
Shades by: :SZD: - Sunglasses Bag w/ (6) Colors - Group Gift

Necklace by: [ Y ] style - Sunahama Necklace in Orange - Group Gift ($50 Joiner Fee)
Tattoo by: -ZR- Tattoos - True Love Group Gift

Ground Hog.....

Today was one of those days I wish to erase. To be granted a series of ground hog days. Having another opportunity to alter different aspects till I reached the conclusion more desired. Of course, there is no such thing and I am pained to accept the day's circumstances. Tough break of reality but that's life. One can only hope to venture forward. Cheers Mates?

Skin by: [dekade] - Beno Sun Kissed /DB/Bald @ Narcissus' Room ($90L)
Jacket & Shirt Combo by: ::7Style:: -Wollked- Black T Shirt  @ Narcissus' Room ($50L)
Jeans by: AMERICAN BAZAAR (AB) - Street Jeans in Black
Sneakers by: ::Latreia:: Foot Fashion - Tek Louie White V
Belt by: Lapointe & Bastchild - "Looped" Leather Unisex Belt ($99L)
Tattoo by: Ink Addict Design - Vampir Tattoo (free)

A tear to shed.


Waking hours has come. My late night of drinking and partying has come to an end. A sure night of excitement but now its time to bid all a goodnight. Unplugging the phone and alarm clock to sleep in well beyond noon. Cheers mates!

Skin by: Belleza - Jacob Deep Tan w/ Hair Group Gift
Hair by: DURA - Boy #18 in Black
Boxers by: Cysleek Tattoo Design - 3 in 1 Packed Trim Boxers in Red, Black & Red
Tattoo:  Elven Elder - Cross Tattoo (free)
Pose by: STAKEY - Paparazzi 06

Pose by: supPOSEdly Mainstore - Poorboy 8

Vida Eterna

Title says it all mates. Cheers!

Hair by: Dura - Boy*34 in Black
Complete Outfit by: GABRIEL - Open Loose shirt in White
Boots by: ::CHoOoZ:: - "Vengeance" Engineer Boots in Corroded & Clean Options ($99L)
Guitar by: 22769 Casual Couture - Guitar Bag In Zebra Print @ Narcissus Room sales Event

Eyes by: Banana Banshee - Spring Eyes in Sky Color. Exclusive @ Wear Grey for a Day Event.
Necklace by: ::GABRIEL:: - Achilleus neclace long & short - 50% Off
Tattoo by: DROPTHEANCHOR (DTA) - Vida Eterna ($5L)


Started to miss City of Ruin sim. Place feels like home. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: (RED) Sand Inc:: - Wild Boy Beard & Gotee - Group Gift (join the group& check notices)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Thank you gift
Hair by: Dura - Emo #03 in Black x Blonde
Outfit by: ::Delirium Style:: - Zombie Boy Includes Tank, Pants, Vest, Tracker Boots, Gas Mask, Makeup, Bat, Belt, Gloves & Eyes.
Pose by: supPOSEdly Mainstore - Joseph # 7

Facial Piercings: Emme :: Apparel - Dark OBLIVION Full Face Piercings Set ($30L)
Pose by: supPOSEdly Mainstore - Heroics #5
Tattoo by: Rams Tattoo - Maori Tribal Brazos

After Hours...Once More...

Another day mates. Cheers!

Shape by: Bird.Next.Door - Klaus
Skin by: Sephora - Maximus - Light 2 - HB
Hair by: Dura - Emo #07 in Mocha
Tee by: Scars Main Store - Print T Group Gift in (2) Shirt Options
Jeans by: 22769 Casual Couture - Bleed Crushed Jeans Featured in the April Group Gift
Boots by: ::CHoOoZ:: - "Vengeance" Engineer Boots in Corroded & Clean Options (dollarbie)
Bag by: Phoenix Rising - Featured in the Ion Outfit

Eyes by: Banana Banshee - Spring Eyes in Earth Color. Exclusive @ Wear Grey for a Day Event.
Hair by: Dura - Boys & Girls #30 in Mocha
Necklace by: Phoebe and Piercings - Gabriel Necklace @ Wear Gray 2012 Event ($99L)

Dawn Hours...

Restless night. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: Belleza - Jacob Deep Tan Group Gift
Shape by: Bird Next Door Shop - Taki
Eyes by: Banana Banshee - Spring Eyes in Clover. Exclusively @ Wear Grey for a Day Event.
Hair by: Dura- Boys  &Girls #20 in Black
Mesh Shirt by: 22769 Casual Couture - [homme] Hipster Jumper Style in Green Stripes @ The Gallery Gift Shop Sales Event
Guitar by: 22769 Casual Couture - [homme]  Guitar Bag In Zebra Print @ Narcissus Room
Tattoo by: ::Fe Style:: - Love <3 (dollarbie)


Stroll back to the disco mates. Meet you there. Cheers!

Skin by: Alexandre - EZZ Tan Beard 6 Includes (4) Skin Options & Eyes (mm gift)
Shirt by: Connors - Patterned Camellia Shirt Group Gift
Slacks by: - Meriken Co. Main Shop - Le Mando Pants in Purple (closing sale)
Hat by: :GAUGED: - Fedora Includes (4) Hair Tones w/ Hat, Hat Alone & Option Color Hud
Pose by: LostAngeL Industries - Tough Boy #10


Just a little fun for Saturday. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: Reila Skins & Fashion - Adam Limitied Edition Group Gift
Hair by: DURA -Boy #34 in Sandrift
Eyes by: Banana Banshee - Spring Eyes in Ocean Color. Exclusive at Wear Grey for a Day Event.
Tank by: SOVI3T::Apparel - mUST- 2.0 Scripted UNISEX Tank
Pants by: Delirium Style - Jonatan Trackers in White (new release)
Left Bracelet by: Just You Jewels - We have A Secret Male Bracelet for Only $199!
Piercings by: Phoebe and Piercings - Black Widow Hunt Gift Hint: See Hint Giver
Jump Pose by: supPOSEdly Mainstore - Jumping #4

Sneakers by: Latreia Foot Fashion- Tek Fendi Box
Board by: Soken Kids - [S.K.] FREE SKATEBOARD
Pose by: Apagee - agps_ma115

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Special Thanks to Bledyn Resident, Patty Tisane & Tommine Kohime from the Free Find For Guys Group for helping me find the skate board for this post. To Join Group Click Here
Enrollment Fee of $1L but Worth It!

Casual Thursday...

From work to the bar. I am all set mates. Cheers!

Skin & Shape by: Filthy - April Group Gift- Tan Skin
Eyes by: Banana Banshee - Spring Eyes for the Wear Gray for a Day Hunt ($10L)
Hair by: Discord Designs (dDx) - Sydd Hair for the Wear Gray for a Day Hunt ($10L)
Shirt by: ::GABRIEL:: - White Loose Shirt @ 70% Off Sale ($90L)
Tie by: Old & New (O&N) - Skinny Tie (Polka) w/ 3 Color Style Options ($98L)

Jeans by: ::GABRIEL:: - Denim Jeans Damage  @ 70% Off Sale ($90L)
Shoes by: :: Latreia :: Foot Fashion - Grey Slips (new release)

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Beyond the Ruin...

History will always be present with us. Travel through the pages of any history book and you will discover truths untold or refresh upon things you once knew. All in all each one of us can appreciate different aspects that gives us hope and courage to face the things of today. Cheers Mates.

Skin & Shape by: ND/MD Skins & Shapes - Avolas Elven Avatar Pack Includes (2) Full Beard Skins, (2) Stubbed Beard Skins, (2) Regular Skins, (3) Hair Base Tattoos, (2) Different Height Shapes w/ & w/o Ears, (2) Hair Attachment Styles, Full Body Tattoos, Crystal Eyes, Set of Elven Ears & Complete Outfit w/ Mesh Boots. Awesome Deal Guys!

Outfit Above by: Affinity - Egypt Egyptian male Leather (dollarbie)
Pose by: [GOLA] - PM01

Outfit provided in the Avolas Elven Avatar Pack.

Plan to Attend the: Relay For Life Fantasy Faire 2012 April 21st till - Apriil 29th
A Fashion Event in Support of the Fight Against Cancer. ND/MD Skins & Shapes Store is a Contributing Designer. Don't Miss This Event Guys! For More Details Visit: here

Den Sale

Mates be sure to stop by The Den and check out their sale. Cheers

Hair by: Shag Hair  - Misfit in Bistre
Shape by: .:: JStyLe Store ::. - Featured in the Alberto Skin Pack
Outfit by: Rispetto Designs - Nuovo Outfit in Red/White @ The Den Sale
Mesh Sneakers by: Python Shop - MetroFlying in White (lucky gift)

Paid Security....

As you can see I hold down the fort. Paid by the hour and feared by all that see me. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: Sephora - Maximus - Bronze 1 - HB (new release)
Shape by: .:: JStyLe Store::. - Alberto Shape
Outfit by: Delirium Style - Lekim Outfit Includes Sweater, Mesh Ripped & Regular Jeans, Black Bandage, Smoky Eye Shadow & Sneakers (new release)
Beanie by: Kal Rau - Beanie Group Gift
Pose by: Poormator - The Chilled Out Exclusive Pose (dollarbie)
Facial Animation by: Phate Shepherd Creations - AnyPose Expression (free)

Mr. Deville II

Take Two. Cheers Mates!

Shape by: Filthy - Featured in April Group Gift
Skin by: Unique Megastore - Jeffrey M2 CH
Hair by: Dura -Boy #24 in Black
Outfit by: CHG Fashion - TRPH2 #05 Gift  Hint: "George is never too far”
Pose by: [GOLA] - PM05

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Mr. Deville....

Just a little close up time. Cheers Mates!

Skin & Shape: Filthy - April Group Gift w/ (4) Skin Options & Shape (shown -tan skin)
Eyes by: REILA SKINS & FASHION - Light Brown  Featured in the EyesPack 1 (50% off)
Hair by: Dura - Boy #30 in Black
Sweater by: GIORDANU - Knit Sweater in Black
Pants by: 22769 Casual Couture - [homme] Mesh Slackerpants @ Mens Department Sale


Enough said mates. Cheers!

Skin & Shape By:  .:: JStyLe store::. -  BOY 9 Group Gift
Mesh Jeans by: ISPACHI - Boystown Easter Egg Hunt Gift - Basic 3/4 Length Jeans
Shoes by: ::Latreia:: Foot Fashion - Inverse UK Box
Pose by: LostAngeL Industries  - Licensed to Thrill #8
Tattoo by: Cysleek Tattoo Design - Naked Heart Tattoo
Bracelets by: Lash-Ware (LW) - Strapped Wristband @ The Den Sales Event

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Boystown Easter Egg Hunt 2012 ends April 9th. Find the Hidden Eggs from the Participating Stores.
Click the Sign Upon Landing. Hurry (2) Days Remaining! GO!

Live II Ride

Yasum Designs has done it again. Their group gifts are always top notch. Take this bike for instance, its righteous! So much so, I took a photo of it all by itself. Cheers Mates!

Shape by: Ultra Shape - Male 02 @ MenStuff Gift Lounge
Hair by: DURA - Emo 04 in black
Jacket & Shirt Combo by: Black Label Menswear - Spotlight Outfit @ MenStuff Gift Lounge
Jeans by: AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS - Skull Blue Jeans
Boots by: ::Latreia:: Foot Fashion - Bikers Skull V

Hair by: DURA - Boy 18 in Black
Hair Base: .:[Shapespeare]:. - Punk Etched HB Gift
Skin by: EnvyMe - Ricky Tan Loocked Skin @ MenStuff Gift Lounge
Facial Piercings by: Phoebe Piercings - Temptation Piercing
Pose by: Morgane Batista Poses - TRPH2 Hint: "I love custom poses."

Yasum Designs -* Chopper 2012* GROUPGIFT* FUEL DESIGN* MALE

The Runway Perfect Hunt Edition 2 - Ends April 30th - Start Now!

Wall II Wall

Nothing much to say but I am glad Tuesday is long gone. Cheers Mates!

Skin & Shape by: Unique Megastore - Jeffrey_M10
Eyes by: Unique Megastore - Sensitive Eyes 8
Sweater by: 22769 Casual Couture -  [homme] Hipster Jumper [mesh] @ Narcissus Room
Jeans by: Giordanu Mainstore - Jeans Dark Style 3
Shoes by: Yasum - City Slickers Unisex Group Gift

This ... That ...Those

Have you ever felt that you just can't make a decision on something? You find yourself, just taking a lot of something just because? Well, if you haven't then I have mates. Today was just one of those days where nothing made sense and everything pissed me off. Hopefully tomorrow is more merciful. Cheers?

Skin & Shape by: .::JStyLe Store::. - Alberto
Hair by: Dura & Gabriel -  Knit Cap
Sweater by: [TM] - Male Stripped Sweater
Jeans by: GIORDANU MAINSTORE - Jeans Dark Style 3
Sneakers by: Yasum - Autumn Step Sneaker (lucky gift)
Earrings by: Phoebe Piercings - Alex Hoop Earrings Hunt Gift. Hint: 'See hint giver at the sign'

Fashioncentric Hunt - April 1st i April 30th -  Start Now!

Just Alittle Breeze...

Monday is a dreaded day but sometimes it can feel like Saturday. There was nothing more to do today than enjoy the nice weather. I started with my usual sluggish ways but when the temperature steadies at seventy degrees, how can you truly complain mates? Cheers!

Skin & Shape by: Sephora - Maximus - Medium 2 - HB
Hair by: DURA - Boys & Girls #14 in Black
Outfit by: Rispetto Designs - Regalo II April Group Gift
Shoes by: ::Duh!:: - Men's Moccasins in White

Eyes by: REILA SKINS & FASHION - Light Sea  Featured in the EyesPack 1 @ 50% Off
Necklace by: Lash Ware (LW) - Yin Yang Silver Necklace ($20L) @ Mens.Select
Left Bracelet by: Lash Ware (LW) - The Man Bracelet seller ($35L)


Not much to explain from the title mates. Some things are meant to remain open and some things are meant to stay closed. Those are the breaks. Cheers!

Skin by: AKERUKA  - Adrian April Group Gift  
Eyes by: REILA SKINS & FASHION - Dark Green Featured in the EyesPack 1 @ 50% Off
Hair by: [Atro Patena] - Kelvin Subscribe Gift
Tank by: Delirium Style - Mesh Tank Brown
Pants by: Delirium Style - Jonatan Trackers Green
Boots by: Death Row Designs - CB boot2 (box) CA3 Camo loose
Tattoo by: Alexandre - Rose Male Tattoo
Pose by: supPOSEdly Mainstore - Lynn Pose #2 for $20L! This store is a MUST visit mates!

Photo Location: Vanguard Bastion VN-181