... Aye, I don't mind at all

Lawrence - -Belleza-, 49 Sale for Dudes, Belleza, Fe Style, Frosting, hoorenbeek [h], Rispetto Designs, Exposeur Poses and Animations, KUSO,
Beard by: Fe Style - 2ED -02
Shape by: Frosting - Drake
Skin by: Belleza - Jacob SK
Hair by: DURA - Boys & Girls #36 in Black
Outfit by: Rispetto Designs - Ottobre in Navy @ 49L Sale For Dudes
Boots by: hoorenbeek [h] - Desert Boots in Black
Right Pose by: Exposeur Poses & Animations - That Boy #6
Left Pose by: KUSO - SP-002 Static Men Pose Pack -  #2

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