XODOHTRONU - 10K Photo Contest

Beard by: FRUK - Face Fuzz
Shape by: Frosting - Travie
Hairbase by: Unorthodox - Wave 17 Fade Line Up
Sweater by: XODOHTRONU -  Drama Free Crewneck @ fi*Fridays ($55L)
Pants by: FAME - Carlito Pants @ fi*Fridays ($55L)
Shoes by: [black store] - Black Slips (NEW Release)
Left Pose by: STAKEY - Fighter #01
Right Pose by: SuPOSEdly - Mario #1
XODOHTRONU & fi*Friday Picture Contest
WIN 10,000L and be featured on the Unorthodox and fi*Friday Official Facebook Pages, as well as their blog pages. The winner will also have their picture posted around the fi*Friday shopping location!  For more details visit the fi:Friday's location: HERE

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