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Lawrence - The Challenge, Entente Mainstore, Tableau Vivant, JLB Apparel, Rispetto Designs, BALKANIK, 22769, 22769 Casual Couture, MOH3 Hunt, II
Hair: Entente Mainstore - Thibaut in Licorice
Shape & Skin: Tableau Vivant - MOH3 Hunt Gift (Available May 1st)
Shirt: ::JLB:: Apparel - Stripe Tee in Blue (NEW Release)
Shorts: Rispetto Designs - Breeza Shorts in White
Shoes: BALKANIK2.0 CITY  -  Espadrillias Square (gift)
Hammock: 22769 Casual Couture - The Challenge - Underwater Starfish Hammock w/ Single & Couple Pose Sits

Men Only Hunt 3 Begins May 1st till 31st:  Website 
Location: Baja Norte - Salt Water

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