[ Aye, I Got Your Teddy ]

Lawrence - AMERICAN BAZAAR, DStore, Kuso, Exquisite Jewellery Owner, Fe Style, Hot Dive, Markelshapes, Sabotage, Unorthodox, Virtual Decay, The 100 Block, Kumaki Glasses, Egoisme Evian Skins, 49 Sale for Dudes, II
Beard: Fe Style - Facial Hair/Beard 2Ed-02
Hair: Unorthodox/Kutz - Nappy (50L sale)
Shape: Markelshapes - Iker (NEW)
Skin: Egoisme (Evian Skins) -  Eros Medium
Crewneck: DStore - Safari in Burgundy @ 49L Sale for Dudes
Jeans: AMERICAN BAZAAR [AB] - Lujo Crack Black @ The Mens Dept
Shoes: SABOTAGE - MOH3 Hunt Gift
Glasses: Kumaki Glasses - Bracco @ The 100 Block Event
Necklace: Exquisite Jewellery Owner - MOH3 Hunt Gift
Pose: KUSO - Standing Pose Hud #P1029

Location: Virtual Decay

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