... its the simple things

Lawrence - [VG], Crash Boat, DECO, Derailed, Egoisme, Egoisme Evian Skins,flow., Image Essentials,  JStyLe Store, Kal Rau, Mens Department, VG Shoes,
Beard: Egoisme (Evian Skins) - Beard 1 Brown
Beard: Egoisme (Evian Skins) - Chin Patch 1 Brown
Shape: Jstyle Store - Ander
Skin: Egoisme (Evian Skins) - Eros Medium
Shirt: flow. - Sweatshirt Seagull in Orange (NEW Release)
Jeans: Kal Rau - Baggy Jeans in Dark M2 Regular
Hat: DECO - Ratty Ballcap in Brown (mod backwards) @ The Mens Dept
Shoes: [VG] - Explorer Duo Tone Beige/Choco Boots
Pose: Image Essentials [IE] - Waiting #4

Location: Crash Boat - Derailed

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