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Lawrence - ARGRACE, FateWear, Putain Co., GizzA, Fauxy Walks, Rispetto Designs, Exposeur Poses and Animations, 22769, 22769 Casual Couture, bauwerk, The Liaison Collaborative, Baja Norte, D
Hat: Argrace - Equestrian Cap
Shirt: FATEwear - Samuel in Lake
Shorts: Putain Co. - Sky Blue Shorts (NEW $50L)
Shoes: GizzA - Loafers in Beige
Necklace: Fauxy Walks - USA Disabled American Military Veteran Necklace
Watch: Rispetto Designs - Argento in Silver
Pose: Exposeur Poses & Animations - That Boy #6


Magazine: 22769/bauwerk - Beach Magazine @ The Liaison Collaborative
Sign: 22769/bauwerk - Life is good at the beach sign @ The Liaison Collaborative

Location: Baja Norte

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