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Lawrence - Identity Body Shop, F.A.D., Body Modification Expo, Exile, SAAL Body Inc, Guarded Cross, Mesh Factory, Talevin's Designs, Depraved Nation, hoorenbeek [h], FB
Hair: Exile - Broken Strings in Raven
Skin: SAAL BODY INC - Dwyn Tone #5
Pants: Guardian Cross - Leather Jeans GC501M Black
Boots: hoorenbeek [h] -Cambridge Boots in Black
Tattoo: Identity Body Shop - Tribal Knot @ Body Modification Expo (Online Catalog)
Gloves: F.A.D. - Knucklez Unisex Zippered Leather Gloves @ Body Modification Expo (Inworld Store & Online Catalog)

Book: Talevin's Design - Grimoire of the Woods
Candles: Mesh Factory - Cluster of Candles

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