[whilst company sleeps...]

[whilst company sleeps...]
Feet: CheerNo - Feet V.3 Fit Mesh
Hands: CheerNo - Mesh Set #1

Briefs: XODOHTRONU - Ralph in Black/Navy (NEW)
Tank: Rispetto Designs - Thrice Combo Pack
Bracelet: LW - The Man
Watch: Mandala - Hokusai in Club in Black

Cat: StoraxTree - Feline Treasures - Naptime - Calico b @ Hello Tuesday
Chair: [bauwerk] - Old Lounger Leather Style 1
Pillows: (Elate!) - A Posh Picnic - Pile of Pillows 2
Phone: Apostrophee Pose - Galaxy Phone Prop w/ Pose Set
Rug: StoraxTree - Modern Expressions Rug 23
Wallet: Tartessos Arts - Avenue

Pose: Del May - Leg Achey

Location: Brandy Wine Island
Blog Mood: Wheel by John Mayer

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