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Ears: CheerNo - EarsBASE_ CHEERNO B260714 (NEW)
Hair/Hat: Entente - Le Soliel Hat & Hair in Dark Brown
Hands: CheerNo - Hands_M#4

Outfit: Lushish Catz/Men - Aztec in Blue @ Trend Fashion Fair Begins August 1st
Shoes: CREDO - Classic Boots in Black @ Trend Fashion Fair Begins August 1st

Bag: Mr.Poet -Leather Backpack
Glasses: Mr.Poet -Half Rim Eyeglasses
Watch: Mandala - Hokusai in White

Bear: Serenity Style - BulbBee Green @ Miyagawacho Gacha Fair Begins August 1st
Books: [what next] - Pile O' Books
Cabinet: oyasumi - dream cabinet @ The Dreamers Factory
Chair: oyasumi -  dream chair @ The Dreamers Factory
Coffee: ATLASH - Buck's Steaming Hot Coffee
Plant: oyasumi - vase /w plant @ Kustom 9
Plate: (Elate!) - A Posh Picnic - Plate with a Sandwich
Radio: Tartessos Arts - Bohemian Radio
Rug: oyasumi - dream rug @ The Dreamers Factory

Now playing: Leaving Tonight by Jennifer Hudson ft Ne yo

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