|...everyone gets a pumpkin..even the horse..|

|...everyone gets a pumpkin..even the horse..|
Beard: Unorthodox - Blitz 2 Brown
Hair: monso - Matthew Black/Brown
Hairbase: Unorthodox - Godd Chocolate

Sweater: GizzA - Theo Sweater [Cream - Brown] (NEW)
Shorts: GizzA - Theo Short Jeans [Dirty] (NEW)
Shoes: Costarlos Fashion - Old Sneakers Brown


Cart/Hay/Pumpkins: Fancy Decor @ The Pumpkin Patch
Dog: Just Animals - French Bulldog
Fence: Serenity Style - Birdhouse Fence Decorated @ The Neighbourhood
Horse: Just Animals - Brown Walking Horse

Location: NorderNey

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