|...family owned since 1954|

|...family owned since 1954|
Beard: Egoisme (Evian) Skins - Beard 2 Brown Bald
Beard: Egoisme (Evian) Skins - Beard 3 Brown Bald
Hair: no.match - No Walk Brown
Hairbase: Entente - Dark Brown

Uniform: Howl - Cafe Prince2 Grey

Pose: 3M -=: mens pose - standing_u_004


Bag: [bauwerk] Coffee to go Paperbag
Beverage: what next - Garden Cafe Lemonade Dispenser
Bike: (epia) - Traveler's Bicycle (past gacha)
Chairs: 8f8 - La Petite Joie Cafe - Chair Green (in-store gacha)
Clock: Mogli's Store - Retro Clock (modified)
Counter: Fancy Decor: FroYo Topping Bar @ The Arcade
Cups/Dispenser: what next - Napkin Holder Decor
Fan: Trompe Loeil - Bistro Fan Mahogany Wood
Ice cream: Fancy Decor: Cereal Swirl FroYo @ The Arcade
Ice cream: Fancy Decor: Candy Swirl FroYo @ The Arcade
Menu: Fancy Decor: FroYo Menu @ The Arcade
Neon Sign: Mogli's Store - Retro Neon
Register: Fancy Decor - FroYo Register @ The Arcade
Rug: Serenity Style - Rug A
Sign: Fancy Decor: FroYo Sign Trio @ The Arcade
Structure: Fancy Decor: FroYo Building (RARE) @ The Arcade
Syrups: Fancy Decor: FroYo Syrup & Sauce Station @ The Arcade
Tables: 8f8 - La Petite Joie Cafe - Table Green (in-store gacha)
Toppings: Fancy Decor: FroYo Toppings 01 @ The Arcade
Toppings: Fancy Decor: FroYo Toppings 02 @ The Arcade
Toppings: Fancy Decor: FroYo Toppings 03 @ The Arcade
Wall: Fancy Decor: FroYo Machines (RARE) @ The Arcade
Wood: 8f8 - La Petite Joie Cafe - Counter (in-store gacha)


Pines: 7 Pasangs to the South - Privacy Pine Grouping (gift)
Plant: Gwendlynne Abeyante - Light Green Tree In Pot

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