'.....two lives...one life'

[.....two lives...one life]

Shorts: ::K:: - Paul Shorts Homme in White @ TMD


Top: Thalia Heckroth - Vivian  Air
Shorts: Thalia Heckroth - Mae Shorts in Camel

6º Republic Decor Items:

Pillow: {anc}- Body Pillow (warm colors pack] B

Luggage: Apt B - Old side of London Luggage (gacha)

Sculpture: [Bad Unicorn] - Tacky Dog Statue (gacha)

Beer: :BAMSE: - Brooklyn - Premium Pilsner
Sign: :BAMSE: - Brooklyn

Curtain: [Black Banam] - Twinkle Pipe Curtain Rod Platinum (gacha)
Floral: [Black Bantam] Floral Centerpiece 01 (gacha)
Floral: [Black Bantam] Floral Centerpiece 02 (gacha)

Lamp: Di'Cor - Charles Floor Lamp
Rug: Di'Cor - London Underground Rug

Decor: Fancy Decor - Marble Pyramid & Books
Holder: Fancy Decor -Wood Magazine Holders
Shelf: Fancy Decor - Shoreditch Shelf
Trays: Fancy Decor - Wood Trays

Computer: Frayed Knot - #7 Laptop (gacha)

Rug: GOOSE - Lagare Carpet in black

Map: [IDEZA Furniture] - Underground Map
Tickets: [IDEZA Furniture] - Tube Tickets

Chair: [ keke ] - London Chair White
Table: [ keke ] - London Sofa Table White

Clock: MudHoney - Charley Clock - Black

Console: Le Primitif - London Chic_Console (gacha)
Radio: Le Primitif - London Chic_Radio (gacha)

City Background: MINIMAL - New York BG 2

Basketball: not so bad - New York Vintage Basketball (gacha)
Books: not so bad - New York Book Edition 1 (gacha)
Books: not so bad - New York Book Edition 2 (gacha)
Books: not so bad  - New York Book Edition 3 (gacha)
Gloves: not so bad - New York Book Vintage Boxing
Football: not so bad - New York Book Vintage Football (gacha)
Picture: not so bad - New York Art Work Edition 1 (gacha)

Glass: Serenity Style - Five Minutes Ice Glass

Luggage: [Schultz Bros.] - 07. Luggage Stack (gacha)

Bagel: Toro. To-go Bagel

Decor: Somali5 - LOVE [METAL-link]
Light: Somali5 - Fluorescent lamp [Broken Flash2] R=5m

Books: Soy. - BKLYNITES LOFT - Old Books [TypeA] (gacha)
Structure: Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT - The Lofty Sky Apartment Rare (gacha)

Plant: [Toiz] 2. Jungle Pot (gacha) @ The Liaison Collaborative
Bed: 22769 ~ [bauwerk] - Westwood Leather Bed @ ULTRA

Addition decor:

Chandelier: Fancy Decor - Cone Chandelier (silver)
Hat box: Apple Fall - AF Hat Box (gacha)
Handbag: Tartessos Arts - Infinity Bag Set
Luggage: Apple Fall - Monogram Luggage Bag (gacha)
Radiator: Amala - Radiator - Black (gacha)
Shoe Decor: Bazar - Stockholm Sneakers decor
Shoe decor: Garbaggio - Shoe Clutter Nude (gacha)
Traveler: tres blah - Jolie - Train Case (gacha)


Cat: Just Animals - Grey Tabby Cat Paw Lick - Mesh
Dog: Zooby's - Ultimate Black & White Pitbull PITBULL 7.0

Pose: RK Poses - That look (slightly modified)

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