.....there can be no light without the dark

[.....there can be no light without the dark]
The Crossroads Event
Ends: Friday, July 29th
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Photograph & Staging by Lawrence D.
Editing by Stella Mahogany

Thank you for the collaboration once more Stella. You did an amazing job. Always cool working with you.
Hair: Modulus - Zihao @ The Crossroads
Hairbase: Modulus - Baxter @ The Crossroads
Jeans: ::K:: - Shoe Cut Jeans Homme in Black
Tattoo: Bolson - Serra & Eli @ The Crossroads

Ash Tray: THOR - Cig Ashtray @ The Crossroads
Bottle: THOR - Pilsener @ The Crossroads
Pose: RK poses - Jude @ The Crossroads
Sign: Seven Emporium - Payphone @ The Crossroads
Stool: THOR: Refurnished Rim Stool  @ The Crossroads
Tape Recorder: Seven Emporium - TR9 -303 Black @ The Crossroads

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