Pierce Me.... Please...

Sour Pickles always pleasure me with their wicked facial pain. Now get your mind out the gutter, I am simply talking about their piercings. They have definitely become one of my favorites that I would allow such pain to inflicted. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: .DAMNMIDGET. - UPYR Skin in (2) Styles for Only $99L @ My Sales Boudoir Sales Event!
Shape by: Bird Next Door - Taki Shape for Only $10L!
Hair by: DURA - Boy 18 in Black for Only $120L!
Tank by: SOVI3T * :: Apparel - Red Tank [SVT*] -=Flower URSS for Only $1L!
Jeans by: Sour Pickles [SP] - Malistaire Jeans for $50L - It's On Sale SL Event begins Feb 19th till 25th!
Boots by: Kennedy's - Black Low Boots (previously featured)
Bracelet by: Just You Jewels - We have A Secret Male Bracelet for Only $199!
Tattoo by: VMC - Dragon Tat for Only $10L!

Up close of my favorite pleasure given by Sour Pickles!

Piercing by: Sour Pickles [SP] - Played for Only $60L!

Check out It's On Sale SL Event Blog: http://itsonsalesl.blogspot.com/
Photo Location: City of Ruin

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