To Liberty...To Freedom

Tomorrow is a day more than a means to be off work. Its in honor to those that fought and won our freedom. To our own security and welfare to stand independently. I respect those that ensure my safety. The honorable and courteous men and women that admirably sacrifice their lives in love of our country. To you I salute and pledge my own appreciation. Without you, all that we have wouldn't be possible. God Bless you all. Cheers.

Skin & Shape by: Filthy - July Group Gift (6 six options)
Hair by: Shag - Choke in Shadow
Tanks by: Rispetto Designs - Patriotic Tanks in (2) Available Colors (group gift)
Jeans by: Bird.Next.Door. - Army Mesh Baggy Jeans ($45L)
Boots by: Death Row Designs - Destructor Boots w/ Chains (mm gift)
Tattoo by: Raeli Tattoos - Don't Judge Me Tattoo ($10L)
Pose by: STAKEY - Post Up #9

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