Another Again

Its tiresome Tuesday mates and it seems like one of those weeks but I won't pack it away just yet. Maybe Wednesday hump will change the tide but we will see. For now, I want you to stop over to Zoobang. I will admit, it was my first visit and purchase but I think I will be back. Nice to see another store with quality merchandise for us that doesn't break the bank. Cheers!
Shape by: JStyle Store - Fredy
Skin by: Belleza - Jacob SK
Hair by: DURA - Boy #33 in Black
Sweater by: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - Draped Sweater
Pants by: Zoobong (!ZB) - Baggy Pants in Black
Boots by: CHoOoZ - Vengeance in Black
Right Bracelet by: So What - The Autumn Effect (TAE) Hunt Gift #84

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