Today I needed a little peace while I worked. The week has been a tough but that's life and you deal because it could be worse. So, I accept the silver lining and with that I bring you the feature for today. An outfit sure to be a great addition to your wardrobe and priced just right. The 49L Sale for Dudes is quite impressive. If you haven't taken a look at the cool items for sale then get to it. No excuses mates! Often we complain of limited events catered to us, so here you are. Cheers!
Eyes by: A:S:S - Enaid Duo in Cappuchino (49L Sale for Dudes)
Hair & Hat by: Atro Patena - Kevin in Black (49L Sale for Dudes)
Outfit by: Rispetto Designs - Amico w/ Black & White Mesh Shirt & Jeans (49L Sale for Dudes)
Shoes by: DUH! - The Autumn Effect (TAE) Hunt Gift #21
Bracelets by: .:CoLLisions:. - Hypnotica (49L Sale for Dudes)
Necklace by: .:CoLLisions:. - Hypnotica (49L Sale for Dudes)

More Details:
49L Sale for Dudes ends Saturday, Sept 29th! Plenty of time to check it out TODAY!

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