Friday Night...

The work week is over and its all about the weekend. Nights on the town and just given no care for the rising of the sun. Let the party begin again. Round the clock it doesn't stop. Especially with a brunette on your arm. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: Nous Vous - Aston Skin Male Group Gift
Eyes by:  REILA SKINS & FASHION - Light Brown Featured in the EyesPack 1 @ 50% Off
Jacket by: Poison - Rising sun jacket_red_unisex (mm gift)
Necklace by: GABRIEL - Crest Necklace in Brown @ 70% Off
Tattoo by: Sweet Sin - Take Here Ur Gift
Upper Tattoo by: Endless Pain Tattoos - Depraved Madness Hunt Gift Hint: Sinful Frame

Cool Cohersion

Alright, so what! I am in mesh again and its kind of growing on me. Not saying I have given up on the sculpts but maybe mesh isn't so bad mates. The jury is still in deliberations. Cheers!

Eyes by: REILA SKINS & FASHION - Dark Blue Featured in the Eye Pack 1 @ 50% Off
Hair by: DURA - Boy 34 in Black
Shirt by: INDI Designs - Group Gift (men)
Mesh Coat by: ::Mr.Poet:: - Bat Sleeve Knit Coat [mesh] - Available in Black, Blue & Grey (free)
Jeans by: Rispetto Designs - Jeans Featured in Caccia Outfit. DSM Hunt Hint: Biology 101 – Photosynthesis
Pose by: supPOSEdly Mainstore - Still 2 ($20L)

Depraved Spring Madness Hunt Ends April 15th! Get Started

Mesh Is Boss ? ?

Don't let that title fool you. I am not so convinced yet or maybe I am being stubborn but that will soon change. You see I have this B O S S and she gave me a quick swift in the know. So here I am, wearing mesh with a smile because I don't care for a pissed off employer. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: Unique Megastore - Jeffrey_M12_CHH
Complete Outfit by: Delirium Style - Jonatan Outfit w/ Mesh Tank in (5) options (new release)
Bracelet by: [ Y ] style - Furugane Bracelet - Black
Tattoo by: VMC - Gangsta Tattoo ($10L)
Pose by: supPOSEdly Mainstore - joseph7 ($20L)

Mesh Tank by: Delirium Style - Mesh Tank in (5) Size Options (new release)
Pants by: Delirium Style - Jonatan Trackers in Black (new release)
Pose by: supPOSEdly Mainstore - Mario 1

Bum... Lazy... Bum

So its Tuesday and I haven't the energy for much. Less is best and anyone looking to change my mind, is just wasting their time. Simple...simplicity... is on the agenda today. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: Sephora - Maximus - Bronze 2 - HB (new release)
Shape by: .::JStyLe::. - Ivan Shape
Sweat Suit by: .:sHaZaM:. - Heroes Training Suit (free gift)
Sneakers by: Cestar Sports & Shoes  - AI2011 Shoes (dollarbie) 
Facial Percings by: :Hebenon Vial: - Spiritus Sanctus [mid.Cross] Version 1.0 ($30L)
Finger Tape: [AdN] Designs - Featured in the ROCKSTAR Outfit

Urban Patriot

No matter what part of town your social class, race, sex or preferred religion. We can all agree that the love for our country exist. Government might not be perfect but it serves its purpose. Not to mention the continual gratitude given to those that serve. For that alone mates, you have alot to be proud about. Cheers!

Skin & Shape by: Sephora - Maximus - Medium 1 - HB - (new release)
Complete Outfit by: Delirium Style - US Boy - Special Offer for $100L!
Belt by: ILLUSIONS - Dark Belt Group Gift
Bracelet by:  Just You Jewels - DUO Bracelets We Have a Secret

Eyes by:  REILA SKINS & FASHION - Eyes Pack 1 @ 50% Off!
Scarf by: ILLUSION - DARK KEFIAH Group Gift
Facial Piercings by: Phoebe Piercings & More - K2 Set in Black

Casual Nights....

Yesterday I looked like I fought with my pillow and it won. Tonight I am prepared for anything. Maybe a night on the town? Maybe a first date? The possibilities are endless mates. Cheers!

Skin & Shape by: .::JStyLe Store::. - Past 1000 Member Gift
Hairbase by: DURA - (19) Hairbases Free @ MensWear Fashion Week Location
Hair by: DURA - Group Gift A
Outfit by: Lash-Ware (LW) - Cool Nights for $15L @ Mens.Select
Bracelet by: Lash-Ware (LW) - The Man Bracelet in Silver for $20L @ Mens.Select

Restless Nights...

Simply said ... not in the mood for much. Thursday night didn't end as well as I hoped but tonight will be different. I might look like I just rolled out of bed now but I'll clean up well by ten o'clock. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: SEPHORA - Depraved Spring Hunt Gift. Hint: "I’m in your face!”
Shape by: .::JStyLe Store::. - Ricardo Shape Featured in the 3000 Member Gift
Eyes by: Reila Skins & Fashion - Adam Eyes Featured in the Adam Skin Pack
Hair by: DURA - Boy #33 in Black Sold Only @ Menswear Fashion Week till March 31st
Jacket by: 22769 Casual Couture - [homme] Sugarskull Jacket @ Mens.Select Sales Event
Jeans by: Phoenix Rising - Mason Jeans (Dark Wash)
Wristband by: Graffitiwear - Unisex Watch Sold @ Mens.Select Sales Event
Necklace by:  Just You Jewels - Madness Depraved Spring Hunt Gift. Hint: "My lips show the way"
Pose by: pda - What Were the Words Pose Sold @ Menswear Fashion Week till March 31st

Weekend Preview...

As this chaotic week comes to a close, I am starting to feel less pressure. I think some time in the sun is needed or perhaps a short getaway with no cellphone for a little peace & quiet. Man that sounds good mates. Cheers!

Skin & Shape by: .:: JStyLe Store ::. - Danny Claro Skin & Danny Shape Group Gift No. 7
Outfit by: Rispetto Designs - Giovedi Outfit Includes Black, Green & White Miliary Shirt w/ Jeans @ Designers Showcase
Shoes by: Danyel Blumenthal (DB) - Easy Striders Worn Leather Walker Boots Promo Sale $20L!

Necklace by: Sin & Virtue - "Sacrifice" Necklace - Hint: Right in the center, I’m sitting unseen…for any gender, in the middle of green


Days have been hectic and I swear its one thing after another. I can't seem to find my footing. Who is to blame or who can I blame? I keep asking these questions mates as I reach for a cold one. Probably not a good thing when prepping a photo but hey, what can you do? Cheers!

Outfit by: Rispetto Designs - Sporco Outfit in Blue. Includes a blue and light grey shirt w/ jeans @ My Sales Boudoir Sales Event

Facial Piercings: Phoebe Piercings & More - *P* Facial Piercing K1 in Silver

Up Close

Flair? Feathers? Fierce? As a male model can we dare use the term fierce? Or perhaps wear feathers in a flair sorta stylish way? I pose the questions to you mates. I am a daring individual that chooses to go against the norm while still maintaining my man card. Cheers!

Skin by: Unique Megastore - Jeffrey_M3
Eyes by: Unique Megastore - Sensitive_eyes_8
Hair by: DURA - Emo 06 in Black
Outfit by: 22769 Casual Couture - [homme] Exhibition Suit (Gallery Gift Shop 9)

 Your Flair of the Rear!

The The Gallery Gift Shop Sales Event End April 15th.

Heads Up..

Living in a rough neighborhood means you have to constantly prove yourself before the time comes you get that street approval. You have your trademark look, slang and most of all your weapon of choice. I had mine mates, what was yours? Cheers!

Skin by: BLACKOUT SKIN - Ryoth Skin (past group offer)
Shape by: .: [ S w e e t  S i n ]:.  - Shape 16 Gift for $10L.
Hair by: Discord Designs (-dDx-) Mainstore - Cool Brown for $1L.
Outfit by: Delirium Style - Blake (new release)
Boots by: Latreia - Punk'd V2 in Black
Bracelets by: Phoebe Piercings & More - Spiked Leather Cross Bracelets (free)
Pose by: Diesel Works Poses & Animations - Baseball Bat w/ (6) poses (free)

Outfit by: Delirium Style - Rune
Tattoo by: Rams Tattoo - Henna Divinas Group Gift

Goodbye Winter???

The season has definitely thrown me for a loop. Right now I should be buried knee deep in snow but that isn't the case. The weather feels like fall and it has me confused but I am not complaining. From winter white to spring white mates...I am ready. Cheers!

Skin & Shape by: Unique Megastore - Jeffrey_M7 (skin) & Jeffrey (shape)
Eyes by: Unique Megastore -Sensitive Eyes #8
Hair by: DURA - Boys&Girls #31 in Dark Brown
Sweater by: Sartoria - WS Sweater Klaus Gift

Outfit by: Rispetto Designs - Primavera Outfit in Yellow. Includes White & Yellow Shirts in Long & Short Version w/ White/Grey Jeans. (new release with (7) available color options)
Shoes by: ::Duh!:: - Men's Moccasins in White

Into the Sun...

Today is about simplicity. A look that comes together without any effort. I just wanted to relax today and given the sun has decided to shine, I couldn't pass up the opportunity. So into the ray mates. Cheers!

Skin by: EnvyMe - Ramon Skin in Tan Hint: Need Info… Where you can ask
Hair by: DURA - Boys & Girls #21 in Black
Outfit by: 22769 Casual Couture - [homme] March Group Gift 2012
Bracelet by: PEER - Silver Bracelet Gift
Pose by: [GOLA] - PM01 Pose Pack  @ NARCISSUS ROOM

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One of Those Dayz...

Today my mood is as pictured. Not for any particular reason but my own need of expression. Cheers?

Skin by: AKERUKA - Damien Chin Beard Light Haired 
Shape by: JStyLe Store - Ivan Shape Featured in the Chico 3 Avatar 
Hair by: DURA - Game 02 in Black
Outfit by: [AdN] Designs - ROCKSTAR (Man)
Tattoo by: Alexandre - Rose Male Tattoo

Facial Piercings: :Hebenon Vial: - Smile! Piercings [Ink, withPlugs]

Another Day..

Three more days and the weekend begins. That endeared holiday of luck, laughs and leisure in the company of friends and family. I couldn't ask for anything more mates. Cheers!


Skin by: G R A V I T Y  s k i n s  - Kev ESPECIAL EDITION - WildBeard Brown A
Shape by:  S w e e t   S i n  - Male Shape 51
Sweater by: GABRIEL ::GB:: - Loose sweater in Gray -70% off Sale -
Jeans by: ::VMC:: - Jeans Featured in Fabiano Outfit
Boots by: REILA SKINS & FASHION - Trendz Boots in Aqua - 50% off Sale -

15 Minute Break...

From time to time I like to take a stroll between hours at work. Sometimes to cool my head, brainstorm or just to get away long enough before I fall asleep. Monday workday is hard but these small breaks make things bearable, until others get wind of it. Cheers Mates!

Skin by:  G R A V I T Y  s k i n s - Kev ESPECIAL EDITION - Stubble Blond - A
Shape by:  JStyLe Store - Alex Shape Featured in Chico Complete Avatar 2 (Group Gift)
Outfit by: Rispetto Designs - Anniversary Gift
Boots by: REILA SKINS & FASHION - Trendz Boots Sylver - 50% Off Sale

Photo Location: Midian City

Death Becomes Me....

PRAVDA Dark Couture Sim is a must visit. There is something at every turn and the build is awesome. I found the cemetery quite impressive. The dungeon room in the photo creeped me out but you visit and tell me what you think. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: G R A V I T Y  s k i n s - Kev ESPECIAL EDITION - Chopper Brown - A
Outfit by:  AdN Designs - Depression Outfit Includes Jacket, Shirt, Pants, Boots, Finger Tape & Piercings
Pose by: supPOSEdly Mainstore - RAWR Pose #10

Blonde Affair....

With great compliment I feature to you the Special Edition - Kev by Gravity skins. Mates, I will be honest, this is one skin pack you must purchase. The clarity and smoothness of the skin is superb and you know I wouldn't lie. I will feature these skins in the coming week to prove my point. Cheers!

Skin by: G R A V I T Y  s k i n s - Kev ESPECIAL EDITION - Chopper & Mustache - A
Shape by: Bird Next Door [BND] - Taki Shape
Outfit by: GizzA - Valentine's Group Gift
Pose by: LostAngeL Industries -  Fashion Boy #2

 G R A V I T Y  s k i n s  - ESPECIAL EDITION - KEV Includes (10) Skins, (1) Shape & Pair of Blue Eyes

Abandoned Cares...

A friend of mine remarked a few days ago that she hated blonde on guys and I thought to annoy her in this post. I mean the hair color I am wearing today isn't quite blonde but maybe platinum? Either way, I hope I do annoy her and if not, I will just have to sport that blonde personally for her. Cheers Mates!

Skin by:  G R A V I T Y  s k i n s - Grand Opening Gift
Outfit by: Delirium Style - Bray Includes Shirt, Jeans, Belt, Overall, Sneakers & Tattoo 
Pose by: supPOSEdly Mainstore - Lynn Pose #2 for $20L! This store is a MUST visit mates!

Honey I'm Home..

So yesterday I was "Mr. Lawrence" and today you can just call me "Law". Had to shed those confining threads for the urban glam tonight. Don't get me wrong, I will continue to bring you a taste of everything but I will always go back to black in urban attire. Cheers Mates!

Outfit by: Delirium Style - NoName M Includes Sweater, Pants & Boots
Pose by: LostAngeL Industries - Licensed to Thrill Pose #8

Photo Location: City of Ruin

Retro Wednesday.....

We all know that fashion always find its way back from generation to generation and each time people believe the style is an original of its time. I don't believe a recycled look doesn't exist and if it does, bravo. As for me, I love it all. There is not one era I can't find humor or appreciation for. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: Belleza  - (past hunt gift)
Suit by: SHIKI Designs - Tan Suit & Ocean Blue Shirt Group gift
Shoes by: HOC Apparel -  Leather Loafers - Available in 9 Leather Options Only $50L!

Skin by: Reila Skins & Fashion - Ryan Medium Skin 1
Shirt by: sf design - Flower Power Male Shirt - Group Gift
Slacks by: [savvy avvy]  - Dress Pants in Biege Only $25L!
Trench by: [savvy avvy] - Men's Fitted Trench in Blue Leather Only $40L!

Calm Tuesday....

Evening fellas, bringing you a nice casual outfit compliments of 22769 Casual Couture & Lash Ware. You would think both designers collaborated together for this look but we can just say, great minds think alike. Cheers Mates!

Coat by: 22769 Casual Couture -  [homme] Knit Jacket in Brown @ Narcissus Room Sales Event
Outfit by: Lash-Ware (LW) - Mean Green Hunt Gift - Hint: Is that couch green?
Necklace by: Lash-Ware (LW) - Silver Key Chain
Pose by: [GOLA] - PM05 @ Narcissus Room Sales Event

Mean Green Hunt Ends March 31st. Start Now
The Narcissus’ Room is an Event Targeted to Men. More Info

KISS My Expression.....

Alright, so here we go again but I swear it wasn't on purpose. You see, a few weeks ago the designer of Yasum Designs showed me this skin she was set to release. Now me being the daring artist that I am, of course I could not pass up the chance to feature her -- well-- female skin called "Love Is Blind". Now fellas I am not cross dressing here but rockers wear make up all the time. Just don't take your shirt off! Might confuse a few people! Cheers Mates!

Skin by: Yasum Designs - Love Is Blind
Tank by: Delirium Style - Featured in the The Falc LL Outfit (lucky gift)
Pants by: 22769 Casual Couture - [homme] Old Leather Jeans style in Snake Print @ Mens.Select
Coat by: 22769 Casual Couture - [homme] Reptile Coat @ FLUX -Taxidermie Themed- Sales Event
Boots by: [NL] Country - Boots in Black

Belt by: Lapointe & Bastchild Designs - S'wear "Celtic" Leather Unisex Belt
Cross Necklace by: Chop Zuey Couture Jewelry - Sacrament  Necklace for Men
Chain Necklace by: [ Y ] Style - Furugane Necklace in Black
Guitar & Pose by: :: Bebotes :: - Guitar Pose w/ Guitar

Photo Location: Dark Gothic Cemetery

The Complete Package...

Just for you mates, I bring you EmoS once more. The outfit featured today only cost you a grand total of $20L! Yes you read that right! How can you pass up a complete package such as this! Now what are you waiting for? Go check it out now! Cheers!

Left Picture Skin by: EmoS - Enrique Skin-C03 (darker tone)
Right Pictured Skin by: EmoS - Enrique Skin-C01 (lighter tone)
Sneakers by: Kapone - Chucks Leather in Black (mm gift)
Lip Piercing by: HollyWeird - JaggeD Liss
Necklace by: GABRIEL - Black Bead Necklace SET
Tattoo by: VMC - Japan Tattoo

EmoS Enrique Skin Pack Includes:  (3) Skin, (2) Shapes, (6) Eye Colors, T-Shirt & Jeans for Only $20L!


Diversity in styles and looks is what makes the fashion world so intriguing. A collage where we pick and choose different elements to comprise our look. From the Emo..tionals to the supermodel we find ourselves somewhere in between. Cheers Mates!

Skin and Shape by: Reila Skins - Ryan Medium 1 Skin & Shape
Hair by: DURA - Boy 21 in Black
Shirt by: .-Lowlifes-. - Baggy Top Black for $1L
Pants by: Electric Feel -  Pants Featured in the Muco Outfit
Boots by: Death Row Designs - CB Boot Camouflage
Armbands by: Electric Feel -  Pants Featured in the Muco Outfit
Gloves by: Delirium Style - Featured in the  Anthony Complete Outfit
Tattoo by: Alexandre - Rose Male Tattoo

Facial Piercings by: SOVI3T * :: Apparel - Black Widow :. Unisex
Necklace by: Just You Jewels - Men Snake Necklace (past hunt gift)
Headphones by: Apagee Audio - A2 Headphones :: Atlas

Outfit by: Electric Feel -  Muco Outfit Includes Tank, Pants, Hood, Mask, & Armbands



Today was definitely one of those days you just sit back and relax because the work week is over. No more reports, phone calls, employees or such to ruin your moment of comfort. Hope you mates can say the same, if not maybe Saturday will be better for you. Cheers!

Skin by: Reila Skins & Fashion - Ryan Medium Skin Pack - (shown above Ryan Med. 4)
Outfit by: Lash -Ware - Arctic Days in Brown for $15L @ Mens.Select

School is the Theme...

I guess the walking down memory lane is sticking around for a bit. I didn't mind the studying but enjoyed the sports games and parties too. Don't worry I graduated with honors despite all the late nights. Gotta love those memories, right? Cheers mates!

Outfit by: 22769 Casual Couture - February Group Gift (yeah I am late lol)
Boots by: The White Angel Creations - Skylar Boots in Beige Leather

Outfit by: Phoenix Rising - Ion Outfit w/ Jeans (Medium Wash)