Late Night

Bringing you more great finds of our cool little world. From the Men Only Hunt II and Delirium Style's stylish release. These items mates are a must have. Take the time and shop alittle for yourself. The women do it on a daily basis. It's time we catch up. Cheers!

Shape by: Carisma Creations - Alexander MOH@ Gift #28
Skin by: Prodigal - Xen Tan Bald  (free)
Beard by: FRUK - Jeremiah Beard (Face Fuzz) MOH2 Gift #76
Complete Outfit by: Delirium Style - Armand Includes Mesh Jacket, Jeans, Sneakers, Shirt & Beanie(not pictured) Grab It Mates!
Pose by: STAKEY - Hot Seat # 2 ($25L)

Jacket by: Delirium Style - Armand Leather MESH Jacket in Brown & Blue ($150L each)

Jacket by: Delirium Style - Armand Leather MESH Jacket in Red & Green ($150 each)
Piercings by: Phoebe Piercings - Series Z1 MOH2 Gift #104
Lower Tattoo by: BlackFeetTattoo - Forgiven Tattoo (free)
Stomach Tattoo by: Vestigium - Let's Play (free)

Discovery II

It's the Hump Day mates! Hope your week is going well and you are just about through all the BBQ from the holiday. As the week draws to a close I couldn't be happier. A short week is never unappreciated. Cheers!

Shape by: JStyle Store - Warrior (group gift)
Skin by: CASHMERE&KEANE - Lavid Skin @ Skin Showcase (free)
Hair by: Pocket Mirrors - Samuel in Brown @ @ MHOH Passage PROMO HUB (free)
Outfit by: Rispetto Designs - Giorno Outfit in SeaBlue w/ Necklace (new release $125L)
Glasses by: Kumaki Glasses Style - K_gs The Mesh Shades
Bracelet by: Earth's Bangles - All in (I) Wristband - Mercury Rising Hunt #6 ($5L)
Tattoo by: BlackFeet Tattoos - Maori (free)
Pose by: STAKEY - Posted Up # 03 & 08

Save the Date:

Mercury Rising Hunt Starts June 1st till June 30th. More Info Here


Evening mates! Today I decided to fool around with some of Second Life's lightning features. Came across some cool settings and decided not to alter the photos beyond what I could do in world. To tell the truth, the options are pretty cool. Try it out and see what you can come up with. Cheers.

Skin by: Prodigal - Xen Bundle Skin @ MHOH Passage Promo Hub (free)
Shape by: JStyle Store - Boris (last day to snag this group Gift)
Beard by: JOMO - Beard + Hair 01 @ MHOH Passage Promo Hub (free group gift)
Mesh Shirt by: !Loop! - Caerphilly MOH2 Gift #89
Jeans by: No.07 - Pente Fading Bleach Black (closed)
Boots by: Retro' - Studded Boots @ Stuff in Stock Discount Sales Event ($65L)
Pose by: STAKEY - Posted Up Pose #09 ($25L)

Mates Stop by the Stuff in Stock Discount Sales Event to Pick Up These Awesome Boots by Retro' 

Men Only Hunt Part III

With over 100 participating stores in this hunt and the awesome gifts offered mates, we should show these designers we appreciate them. Drop them an IM or send a note card. Only takes a few minutes but the show of thanks goes a long way. Cheers!

Skin by: JStyle Store - Boris (group Gift)
Shape by: JStyle Store - Alberto
Beard by: FRUK - Jeremiah Beard MOH2 Gift #76
Hair by: TRUTH - Jessie in All Colors (subscriber)
Shirt by: Anatra-Bayn Designs - Without Music Green MOH2 Gift #122
Jacket by: BuFu Prod0.7 - MOH2 # 81
Boots & Jeans by: GABRIEL - MOH2 #20
Chest Tattoo by: Vestigium - Mistakes (lucky gift)

Men Only Hunt Preview Part 1

A round of an applause for a another hunt catered to us mates! Men Only Hunt II is back and with a vengeance. The designers contributing to this hunt has gifted us with some awesome gifts. The hunt begins Tomorrow, Saturday, May 26th and ends Saturday, June 9th you are looking for a MESH IPOD! Don't waste time because fourteen days goes by fast. Oh..P.S... you will have to venture to every store in order to match the hint. Now don't complain, there will be NO trashing of gifts. So start at one and finish the hunt! Cheers Mates!

Shape by: Sweet Sin - Shape #34 MOH2 Gift
Middle Outfit by: AMERICAN BIZAAR - Mickael Tank & Jeans MOH2 Gift
Left Complete Outfit by: LaRosa Fashion -Mesh Tank, Jeans & Sneakers MOH2 Gift
Pose by: [Expressive Poses] - Stripped Poses - (Pose # 2) MOH2
Sunglasses by: Blah. -My Red Hot Sunglasses MOH2 Gift
Tattoo by: Rams Tattoo -  Geisha MOH2 Gift

Shape by: FuchOn Design - Jooe Shape MOH2 Gift
Right Mesh Tank by: REILA SKINS & FASHION - Summer Tank MOH2 Gift
Middle Mesh Tank by: Fe Style - Blue Orange MOH2 Gift
Left Mesh Tank by: LE FORME - MeMe Tank MOH2 Gift
Mesh Baggy Pants by: Spirit Store - Azazel Mesh Pants MOH2 Gift
Right Mesh Sneakers by: Latreia Foot Fashion - Trek Zebra MOH2 Gift
Middle Sneakers by: Latreia Foot Fashion - Kix Black MOH2 Gift 

Mesh Tank by: ::7Style:: - Jacob Tank MOH2 Gift
Mesh Shirt by: :SS:. Spearsong - Black Rainbow Cat Tee MOH2 Gift

Men Only Hunt II - Preview II

The goods continue...

Left Mesh Shirt by: Anymore - Psycho Shirt MOH2 Gift
Right Mesh Shirt by: BUID - Plaid Dress Shirt MOH2 Gift
Jeans by: LaRosa Fashion - MOH2 Gift

Left Polo Shirt & Bag by: King For Men - Justin Polo Shirt MOH2 Gift
Right Outfit by: Rispetto Designs - Caccia II in Magenta MOH2 Gift
Poses by: Purple Poses - 04 Static Poses - (Pose # 2 & #4) MOH2 Gift

Shirts by: D R O P . - Basic V Neck Tee in Aqua & Pink MOH2 Gift
Poses by: Purple Poses - 04 Static Poses - (Pose # 1 & #3) MOH2 Gift 

Beach Me Baby II

Now its back to leisure as Friday approaches. The weather couldn't be more inviting. I swear it makes you wish you were wealthy with no cares in the world. To literally come and go as you pleased. However, that is not the case but I can pretend well. Cheers Mates!

Eyes by: KMADD - Purpose Color Dark (free)
Shape by: JStyle Store - Erick (group gift)
Skin by: Belleza - Jacob Tan (group gift)
Hair by: KMADD - Tyler in Dark Brown (free)
Outfit by: Lash Ware (LW) - Kick Back Outfit (@ The Den Sale $15L)
Shoes by: ::Duh!::  - Canvas Slips in Brown (value pack (6) colors $50L)
Necklace by: GABRIEL - Crest Necklace in Brown @ 70% Off
Sunglasses by: :SZD: Sunglasses (group gift)
Tattoo by: Bretts Gear - Tribal Scorpion Leg Tattoo (free)
Left Pose by: RED - Male Site Pose w/ Two Available Options (free)

Two Days Down

The week is moving along with ease. Hump day is tomorrow and I can't be happier to be at the mid way mark. You know how I feel about my weekends. Counting down to that cold one in my hand. Cheers Mates.

Skin by: G R A V I T Y  s k i n s  - Especial Edition - Kev - Chopper & Mustache B
Shape by: JStyle Store - Alberto
Mesh Shirts by: F a s h i o n   F e a r s [ F  F ]  MainStore - Anchor Shirts Blue & White. Visit Today! (sold separately)
Mesh Jeans by: Rispetto Designs - Regular Fit Jeans (new release $75L)
Shoes by: Latreia Foot Fashion - White/Blue Slips (new release)

Left Jacket Combo by: F a s h i o n   F e a r s [ F  F ]  MainStore - Leather Jacket-Tshirt Blue (new release)
Left Shoes by: Latreia Foot Fashion - Grey Slips (new release)
Mesh Jeans by: F a s h i o n   F e a r s [ F  F ]  MainStore  - Jeans Skinny (new release)
Right Jacket: F a s h i o n   F e a r s [ F  F ]  MainStore - Leather in Black
Right Shoes by: Latreia Foot Fashion - Black Plaid Slips (new release)

Last Shot

Sometimes saying something is saying too much but saying nothing still gets you shot. Talk about being in a tough spot with no way out. I say, let it ride and if you get hit, take it like a man mates! Cheers.

Hair by: DURA - Game #02 in Black
Tee by: Wyldflower - DM Hunt #14 HINT: And if you go chasing rabbits and you know you’re going to fall, tell them a hookah smoking caterpillar has given you the call. ~Jefferson Airplane
Hoodie by: [ NN] Designs - DM Hunt #15 HINT: ” Like a tightrope on a Ferris wheel, There’s no refuge, only beams of steel ……-Stanfour”
Jeans by:  LaRosa Fashion - Featured in Menswear Outfit 10 (free)
Boots by: Death Row Designs - Heavy Steel Boots

Tattoo by: Death Row Designs - Black Eye ($20L)

Beach Me Baby

Today I did some exploring and wanted to find a new place to relax. I enjoyed several beaches our world has to offer but one caught my eye. I would share with you all but then again, I like it too much to share. Yeah, that's selfish but too bad. Find your own beach mates! Cheers!

Shape by: JStyle Store - VOIX (group gift)
Mesh Shorts by: Sour Pickles [SP] - Paradise Trunks ($50 Frenzy Item - Available Tuesday!)
Left Shoes by: Reila Skins & Fashion - Color Up in Blue (50% Off)
Right Shoes by: Reila Skins & Fashion - Color Up Skulls (50% Off)
Bracelet by: PEER - Silver Linked Bracelet (free)
Chest Tattoo by: KZ Studio Tattoo - Cobra Tribal Tat (dollarbie)
Leg Tattoo by: Vestigium - Koi (past gift)
Necklace by: Phoebe Piercings - Surfer Men Necklace


The Defining Music ($5L) Hunt Begins TOMORROW Sun, May 20th till Sun, June 10th!! The hunt has a lot of great gifts mates that you can't pass up. So don't waste no time. Begin HERE! Cheers!

Skin by: G R A V I T Y  s k i n s  - Sammuel Skin WildBeard2 Body Muscles (mm gift)
Shape by: JStyle Store - Alberto
Outfit by: Chica Boom - DM Hunt #2 HINT: “Summer and the living is easy…fish are jumping and the cotton is high – Sam Cooke"
Belt by: Lapointe & Bastchild  - Death Skull Unisex Belt
Shoes by: Duh! - MHH#21  Hint: What a distinguished looking camel!
Nails by: Moondance Boutique - DM Hunt #6 HINT: “Said i’m sick and tired of winter, and i wish that it were spring … Johnathon Coulton”
Tattoo by: Sugar & Cyanide - Words Fail DM Hunt #11 HINT: “Just gonna stand there, And hear me cry, But that’s alright, Because I love, The way you lie…Eminem ft. Rihanna”

Skin & Shape by: JStyle Store - Karlo (group gift)
Outfits by: Earth's Bangles - DM Hunt #5  HINT: “Gotta serve it to me, hot, Just like I like my coffee, It’s keepin’ me from sleepin’ on my job, Just like I like my coffee….Ledisi”
Sneakers by: S!ns* :: Apparel - Allystars .: Whites :. High Drunks Sneakers ($45L)

Outfit by: Wild Serenity - DM Hunt #7  HINT: “And the full moon that hangs over these dreams in the mist … Heart”

Vehicle by: Baglady Design - DM Hunt #24 HINT: “Sing us a song, you’re the piano man, Sing us a song tonight…..Billy Joel”

Tank It Up

Welcome Friday and hello weekend. Enjoy your days off mates! Cheers!

Shape & Skin by: G R A V I T Y  s k i n s  - Sammuel Skin in (4) Options w/ Skin (mm gift)
Hair by: RAW :: House - Destroyer 2
Tanks by: Reila Skins & Fashion - Summer Tanks (50% off sale)
Mesh Pants by: Bird.Next.Door - Baggy in Grey ($50L)
Mesh Sneakers by: Cysleek Tattoo Designs - Dirty Sneakers
ForeArm Tattoo by: Vestigium - Forearm Star & Flames (dollarbie)
Sunglasses by: Sin & Virtue - I-Shield

Tanks by: Reila Skins & Fashion - Summer Tanks (50% off sale)

Chest Tattoo by: Olympo - Maori Tattoo (free)

Weekend Preview

It's Thursday and things couldn't be better. Tomorrow when I open my eyes it will be Friday! Yes, I am excited just for the day and its not even pay day. Leisure, laziness, ladies and loop it all again. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: G R A V I T Y  s k i n s  - Especial Edition KEV Featured Above Chopper/Mustache (Pack Value - 10 Skins, Shape & Eyes -$500L)
Outfit by: Rispetto Designs - Pigro Leather MESH Outfit in Cafe (new release on sale @ the Den $100L)
Boots by: Vero Modero - Country Boots Featured in the November Group Gift
Rings by: [ Y ] Style - Shitagane Ring - Black/Gold ($69L)

Eyes by: [A N A T O M Y] - MHH Hint: Caleb got something for you!

Hump Day

Mid mark of the week and its usually the balancing day. Not too much work and then just enough. I, for one, am looking forward to the weekend. A chance to sit and do absolutely nothing for absolutely all the right reasons! Cheers Mates.

Complete Outfit by: Delirium Style - Thor (new release)
Belt by: Lapointe & Bastchild Designs  - Square Leather Unisex Belt ($99L)
Tattoo by: VMC - Dragon Tattoo ($10L)


Not much to report about today. My mood is a bit in between and perhaps its because of Monday. Can never tell how the week would begin after a robust weekend but all in all, at least I am not cursing the day. Cheers Mates.

Skin by: Filthy - Fair 01 (group gift)
Shape by: Bird.Next.Door - Klaus ($10L)
Mesh Hair by: Wasabi Pills - Teeloh in Black
Mesh Sweater by: Razorblade Jacket - Sweater Flannel DN-HV Hint: Hot Bike Chick
Mesh Pants by: Bird.Next.Door - Baggy Jeans in Grey ($45L)
Boots by: :: Latreia :: Foot Fashion - Law Boots in Black (new release)
Face Tattoo by: Minutes 2 Midnight (M2M) - YC/Dirty Face (dollarbie)

Tanks by: Kennedy's - Powell T MHH #18 Hint: See Hint Giver
Pose by: [Expressive Poses] - Josh 2.0 - #2

Just Another Day..

Not much light here as you can see in the wastelands, of the post apocalypse Fort Stygian. The air is dusty and the living area is something to be admired. I walked a bit around this forsaken land and even though I am the only one here, I sort of like it. A nomad. A loner. A free spirit. Cheers Mates.

Skin & Shape by: JStyLe Store - Roger (group gift)
Outfit by: Delirium Style - The Hiker M
Mesh Beanie by: 22769 Casual Couture - (5) Beanies @ Narcissus Room Event ($65L)
Pose by: Frozen - Model Male Poses I - #04
Tattoo by: ELVEN Elder - Scorpion King Tattoo (dollarbie)

Friday Casual

Another week has come to an end. Can't say I am not excited. Tonight, I relax at my favorite bar and let go of all my cares. Chill with a few friends and of course a brunette. Cheers Mates.

Hair by: Dura - Boy # 35  in Black (new release $120L)
Outfit by: Delirium Style - Massimo (new release)
Belt by: Lapointe & Bastchild  - Looped" Leather Unisex Belt
Necklace by: Just You Jewels -  Necklace Take my Heart Men
Mesh Sneakers by: :: Latreia :: Foot Fashion - Trek in Black & Silver (new release)
Tattoo by: Calebrions Tattoos - Dragon Gift @ MenStuff Lounge
Pose by: PDA - Goodbye Forever

Just Say Yasum

Yasum Designs has placed some amazing items as gifts. If you haven't stopped by, you should. From awesome urban designs, group gifts, weekly sales and lucky items, Yasum definitely makes me say..Yes! Cheers Mates.

Outfit by: Yasum Design - Baggy Invasion (lucky gift)
Left Pose by: LostAngel Industries  - Fashion Boy #5

Out About

Happy Hump Day Mates! Cheers!

Shape by: Ultimate Shapes - MHH Shape Gift: Hint: Tyler has taken up smoking
Hair by: DURA - EMO #01 in Black/Blonde
Outfit by: Delirium Style - Jonny Inclues Mesh Shirt, Pants, Gloves, Bracers & more (new release)
Sneakers by: In Her Shoes - Male Black Sneakers (free)
Left Pose by: Frozen - Model Male Poses I - #3
Right Pose by: Frozen - Model Male Poses I - #2

Retro w/ 22769 Casual Couture

Ease and relaxation is more than a state of mind or mood. It can be expressed in our style of dress. So today, I present a cool retro look by compliments of 22769 Casual Couture. You can find the shirts and jeans at Mens Department sales event. You don't want to miss it mates. Cheers!

Hair by: DURA - Boys & Girls #20 in Black
Mesh Shirt by: 22769 Casual Couture - Retro Sand Long Sleeved Shirt @ Mens Department ($75L)
Mesh Pants by: 22769 Casual Couture - Schanzen Blue Denim Used @ Men's Department ($85L)
Shoes by: :: Latreia :: Foot Fashion - Tan Plaid Slips
Necklace by: Graffitiwear - Feathered Aztec Pendant. ($75L)
Rings by: [ Y ] Style - Shitagane Ring - Black/Gold ($69L)

Left Mesh Shirt by: 22769 Casual Couture - Retro Brown Long Sleeved Shirt @ Mens Department ($75L)
Right Mesh Shirt by: 22769 Casual Couture - Retro Teal Long Sleeved Shirt @ Mens Department ($75L)

Hidden Message

Once more there are hidden messages or okay blunt messages on my apparel but I promise I don't endorse the references. I am just an innocent consumer purchasing goods. I think that absolves me from any responsibility it has on the reading public. Cheers Mates.

Skin by: Filthy - Tan 01 (group gift)
Shape by: SHAPEshifters - Nocturne
Hair by: DURA & GABRIEL -  Knit Cap w/ Black Hair
Mesh Hoodie by: Instinct - (2) Mesh Hoodies & Cap (gift)
Jeans by: MANGO - Vintage Washed Jeans (group gift)
Boots by: Yasum Designs - Tracking Boots (lucky gift)

Mesh Shirt by: NousVous - FBI (Female Body Inspector) Mesh (group gift)
Pose by: Y & R - Put Her on Shoulder Couple Pose ($30L)

This home is a must have. Yasum Designer, Azlyn Vaher, once more offers awesome group gifts that she could just as well place for sale. This home is a bachelor pad but soft in colors for the woman in your life. Stop by there today and view the home for yourself.  Yasum Designs - Sky Dream Home (group gift)

Sun Break....

Yesterday I spent some time enjoying the weather and didn't post. So much sun brought everyone out from hiding and I must say, the ladies look good already. Now in regards to this post, don't let patterns and color scare you. Jump into the summer right. Switch it up mates! Cheers!

Shape by: JStyLe Store  - Featured in the Ivan Skin Pack ($99L)
Shirt by: AMERICAN BAZAAR - Collideascope Shirt (gift)
Shorts by: Rispetto Designs - Featured in Group Gift
Shoes by: ::Duh!:: - Slip On Canvas Loafer - White (Value Pack of (6) Only $50L)

Eyes by: [A N A T O M Y] - Style G Hint: Caleb got something for you!
Hair by: Dura - Boy # 35  in Black (new release $120L)
Shirt by: Shiki Designs -  Aloha Shirt - MHH Hint: Ready to hit the beach
Shirt by: MANGO - POPLIN SHIRT_AUBREY - MHH Hint: He likes the sound of his exhaust-pipe and the smoke from his hunt-pipe.

Grey ...Gray...Haze

The tone of the day summed up in this hue but with an urban flair. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: Filthy - Fair 01 HB (may group gift)
Shape by: - monaLisa - Stephan  (mm gift)
Eyes by: Birth Store - Hypnotic Eyes DN-HV Hint: Where the hair is magical
Mesh Shirt by: [BuFu] - MESH T-shirt Realistic / Panther Bling (group gift)
Jeans by: no. 07 - Eski Bleached Stone (closed)
Sneakers by: Energie Footwear - Agustin Sneakers MHH - Hint: my English is not very good  and it is hard to make hint,sorry
Mesh Beanie by: 22769 Casual Couture - (5) Beanies @ Narcissus Room Event ($65L)
Necklace by: Chaos, Panic & Disorder - Gothic Cross (group gift)

Hunts - R - Us

Fellas its about that time. Depraved Nation: High Voltage Hunt & Mr. Hunter Hunt has begun! The great news is they end at the end of this month. This means we have time but don't waste time! There are some awesome gifts by cool designers. So move it mates! Cheers.

Skin by: NousVous - Ashton Skin (group gift)
Hair by: Dura - Emo #07 in Strawberry
Right Mesh Tanks: ::Fe Style:: - Mr. Hunter Hunt Hint: Hug Me!!!
Left Mesh Tank by: AMERICAN BAZAAR - My Fluo Love Top - High Voltage Hunt Hint: mirror mirror tell me who’s the most beautiful
Mesh Jeans by: Bird.Next.Door. - Baggy & Painted Jeans Promo (dollarbie)
Sneakers by: Latreia Foot Fashion - Tek Fendi Box
Necklace by: [ Y ] Style - Tribal Turquoise Necklace

Facial Piercings by: Phoebe Piercings - Facial Piercing K4
Navel Piercings: Just You Jewels - Piercing SeXy -  High Voltage Hunt Hint: Look above the doors. You discover the surprise <3
Tattoo by: Endless Pain Tattoos - High Voltage Hunt  - Let Them Fly - Hint: Fantasy Garden and a Fairy

Calendar Highlights:

Mr. Hunter Hunt Begins May 1st till May 31th - Click Here
High Voltage - Depraved Nation GRID WIDE Hunt Begins May 1st till May 31th  - Click Here
Defining Music Hunt Begins May 20th till June 10th - Click Here
Men Only Hunt Begins May 26th till June 9th - Click Here