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Lawrence - Tableau Vivant, -Belleza-, Belleza, Entente Mainstore, Entente, Atro Patena, Lucien Marcelo, Pure Poison, Kumaki Glasses, Endless Pain Tattoos, HISpose, fi Friday, MOH3 Hunt, The 100 Block, Virtual Decay
Shape: Tableau Vivant - MOH3 Hunt Gift
Skin: Belleza - Eric Tan
Hairbase: Entente Mainstore - B & W in  Licorice
Hair: [Atro Patena] - Sam @ fi*Friday ($55L)
Shorts: Lucien Marcelo - Black Mohair Formal Shorts (NEW Release)
Boots: Lucien Marcelo - Tall CargoBasket Leather Boots 1's (NEW Release)
Bracelet: Pure Poison - Pety Bracelets in Nude & Vert  @ fi*Friday ($55L)
Glasses: Kumaki - Samoyed 1.00 @ The 100 Block Event
Tattoo: Endless Tattoo - Demon @ The 100 Block Event
Bike/Pose: HISpose - MOH3 Hunt Gift

Location: Virtual Decay

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