[Just Legend & I]

Lawrence - Egoisme Evian Skins, Egoisme, JStyLe Store, SMURQ, 22769 Casual Couture, DECO, Duh, Image Essentials, fi Friday, The 100 Block, Small Town Green, Mens Department, II
Beard: Egoisme (Evian Skins) - Chin Patch 2 Brown
Shape: Jstyle Store - Ander
Skin: Egoisme (Evian Skins) - Apollo Pale
Shirt: {SMURQ} - Fitted Shirt in White @ fi*Friday ($55L) - Inworld Store
Shorts: 22769 Casual Couture - Cargo in Desert @ The 100 Block
Hat: DECO - Ratty Ballcap in Olive @ The Mens Dept
Shoes: DUH! - Canvas Slip On in Tan (gift)
Pose: Image Essentials [IE] - Wooden Chair V2 w/ (5) Poses

Location: Small Town Green

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