[ Nothing Stays Forever ]

Lawrence - SOVI3T Apparel, DURA, Entente Mainstore, Markelshapes, Red Sand Inc., BeUp, Cysleek Design, Just You Jewels, ZENTRO, The 100 Block, MOH3 Hunt, CoLA - Lost Beach, Sl Fashion Week, KUSO.
Ears: SOVI3T * :: Apparel - Stars Gauged
Hair: DURA - (gift)
Hairbase: Entente Mainstore - B & W in  Licorice
Shape: Markelshapes - Irkus (NEW)
Skin by: (RED)Sand Inc. - the guy Nr.2 Stubble
Outfit: !BeUp! - Set #4 @ SL Fashion Week
Shoes: Cysleek Design - Sneaker V.2 in White (NEW)
Bracelet: Just You Jewels - MOH3 Hunt Gift
Scarf: Just You Jewels - GG Scarf (gift)
Tattoo: ZENTRO - Exclusive Tattoo @ The 100 Block Event
Pose: KUSO - Sitting HUD  

Location: CoLA - Lost Beach
Men Only Hunt 3 Ends May 31st:  Website 

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