On The Block

Hair by: DURA - Boys & Girl #33 in Black
Outfit by: Rispetto Designs - Amico w/ Black & White Shirts & Jeans (new release $99L)
Shoes by: INDI Designs - O'Donnell in Black
Tattoo by: VMC - Dragon Tattoo ($10L)

Rinse. Wash. Repeat.

Shape by: - JStyle Store - Fredy (gift)
Beard by: FRUK - Face Fuzz - Furball Beard in Black ($45L)
Hair by: Damselfly - Alux in Black
Complete Outfit by: Delirium Style - Fafnir (new release)
Post by: STAKEY - Simple Man

Bare. Me.

Eyes by: Banana Banshee - The Red Rose Hunt Gift Set ($25L)
Shape by: Sweet Sin - #34
Skin by: Tableau Vivant - (past gift)
Hair by: Cafe Gift of Hair by Miyu Paule - (2) Hair Style Gifts (male & female style pictured)

The Red Rose Hunt Ends July 31st - More Details

Retreat. The End.

Complete Outfit by: Lyrieal's Boutique - Rucksack Rummage Hunt Gift #18 ($1L)

Rucksack Rummage Hunt Ends August 16th - Check it out
Mates You Are Looking for a Brown Suitcase.

AnDreChi @ My Sale Boudoir's Fair Festival

Another feature from the

Skin by: UNIQUE Mainstore - Jhosh 07
Shape by: - Jstyle Store - Tom (gift)
Eyes: Banana Banshee - Spring Eyes in Earth
Tank by: AnDreChi - DOMO in Grey @
Shorts by: Earth's Bangles - Tartan Shorts
Sneakers by: S!ns* :: Apparel - Allystars High Drunks Sneakers in White ($45L)


Mates don't forget My Sale Boudoir's Fair Festival ends August 1st! So if you haven't been then get on over there. Sugar & Cyanide has set out these cool tees as well as more designers that I will cover. Now grab your wallet, a friend or your girl and pick these items up! Cheers.

Hair by: TRUTH - Jessie in Crow
Tank by: Sugar & Cyanide - Little Gears, Mellow Birds & Gearz (sold separately)
Pants by: NerdMonkey Clothes - Athletic Pants
Shoes by: Latriea Foot Fashion - V.2 Brat
Glasses by: Adjunct - TresValles Glasses @ MenStuff Lounge
Tattoo by: Rams Tattoo -  Geisha

Music Me

Music is the theme for the day. Earth's Bangle has created this Vintage Music tank and headset for us. The damaged jeans are a gift to help complete your look. Don't waste no time. Stroll on over and check her items. I promise you can afford it! Cheers Mates.

Shape by: Sweet Sin - #34
Skin by: Belleza  - Jacob SK
Hair by: DURA - Boy #30 in Black
Tank by: Earth's Bangles - Vintage Music Tank ($40L)
Jeans by: Earth's Bangles - Stressed Out Jeans (gift)
Head Tattoo by: :[Shapespeare]: - Born to Live
Headphone by: Earth's Bangles - Retro Joe
Arm Tattoo by: BlackFeet Tattoos - Maori
Chest Tattoo by: Sweet Sin - Music Is Life
Shoes by: Latreia Foot Fashion - V.2 Game

Back of the Yard

Good Thursday to all. Tomorrow is the weekend mates and I couldn't be more excited. Yeah, I know I am often geared for a week to end, its a habit. Anyway mates, today I stopped by Unique Mainstore for their Jhosh skin. I must say, its very well done and I think its the new L.D. Also, be sure to stop by Cysleek Design! Kiraa Andel, has designed some cool tees to go with your favorite pair of jeans. Mine are the ripped flame ones by SOVI3T Apparel. Cheers!

Shape by: Jstyle Store - Adrian (gift)
Skin by: UNIQUE Store - Jhosh 09
Beard by: JOMO - Beard #01
Hair by: Damselfly Salon - Alux in Black Pearl (gift)
Shirts by: Cysleek Design - USSR (new release)
Jeans by: SOVI3T * :: Apparel - Ripped Flame Blue Jeans
Piercing by: Glue Ink - Silver Facial Piercing
Eye Tattoo by: Death Row Designs - Stitiches
Tattoo by: RaELi Designs - Don't Judge Me

Left Shirts by: Cysleek Design - Sculls White (new release)
Right Shirts by: Cysleek Design - El Padre (new release)


Relaxation is what I think of in this awesome design by 22769 Casual Couture. Its the perfect look for strolling on the beach or after five attire. Stop by The Gallery Gift Shop to take part in their One Year Anniversary Event. There are great sale items as well as a sim hunt. Get moving mates. Cheers.

Hair by: Iruco - Hair #26 in Black
Outfit by: 22769 Casual Couture - Champaign Supernova @ The Gallery Gift Shop - One Anniversary Celebration ($160L)
Shoes by: Sartoria - Travellers


Back to Black is the theme today. Have you ever just had enough of something or couldn't get enough of something? The entire thing just makes you want to say *%@!. If so then join the club. The other day I picked up this cool sweater by Sn@tch, which I love. The pants are a gift by SCS Designs as well as the boots by Death Row Designs. Together they help create my mood as I sat at No Salvation Dark Gothic Cathedral and enjoyed their tunes. Cheers mates.

Skin by: Belleza - Jacob Deep Tan
Shirt by: Sn@tch - Shirt and Belt Featured in the Vampire Outfit (gift):
Pants by: SCS Designs - Sequin Mesh Pants @ MenStuff Lounge (gift)
Boots by: Death Row Designs - Bloody Lazy
Bracelets by: [Y] style - Furugane in Black
Necklace by: GABRIEL - Achilleus
Rings by: [Y] Style - Shitagane in Black

The Yard

My Sale Boudoir Fair Festival begins Sunday mates! EnvyMe have these awesome jeans and tees for us. Three styles in each jean pack for the price of $255L and each tee for $105L. Again, I recommend you take a friend and/or your girl. There is plenty to see. Cheers.

Left Shirt by: EnvyMe -  V Neck Kaid in Red @ My Sale Boudoir Fair Festival
Left Jeans by: EnvyMe -  Metallic Jeans in (3) Size Options Boot, Fit & Regular
Right Shirts by: EnvyMe -  V Neck Bros in White ($105L)
Right Jeans by: EnvyMe -  Dirty Black in (3) Size Options Boot, Fit & Normal
Bracelets by: CHOP ZUEY - Ivanhoe Rd/Bk # MenStuff
Headphones by: Primal Groove - Smile Sellbox w/ Color Changer (free)
Tattoo by: Olympo - Maori (gift)
Sneakers by: Latreia Foot Fashion - Sneeks RedSkull
Pose by: Diesel Works Poses & Animations - July Gift 1.2


I did it again. Trust me mates, my man card is secure but a dare is a dare. So this is the skinny, I picked up this outfit today at the MenStuff Lounge by Vero Modero and felt inspired. The glasses by Amarelo Manga tipped the scale and the boots by Latreia Foot Fashion sealed the deal. I complimented the look with hair by Shag, necklace by Chop Zuey and earrings by Gabriel. It was just too good of a challenge that I couldn't pass up. Cheers!

Shape by: Sweet Sin - Shape # 51
Skin by: Belleza - Jacob Deep Tan (group gift)
Hair by: SHAG Hair - Choke in Fade to Black
Outfit by: VERO MODERO - Menstuff Gift
Boots by: Latreia Foot Fashion - Venus Boots in Black @ My Sale Boudoir's Fair Festival ($99L)
Glasses by: [Amarelo Manga] - Sunglasses Avenue @ One Voice Fundraisier
Necklace by: Chop Zuey - Hot Tiger Men's Necklace (free)
Earrings by: GABRIEL -Achilleus Pierce Set
Rings by: [Y] Style - Shitagane Ring in Black

Save the Date

Grab a friend and/or your girl. My Sale Boudoir's Fair Festival begins Sunday and what a way to end your weekend. There are items for us mates and of course the ladies. Cheers.

My Sale Boudoir Fair Festival - Click for More Info
Bazar $0L - $20L Booth! Location: HERE

Discovery IV

Here's to the weekend mates. Be sure to enjoy yourself. No stress or cares allowed during the next three days. Kick back with a cold one, watch some sports, hit the bars and just let the ease of sloth or a good time get you through. I'll be the first. Cheers!

Skin by: GRAVITY skins - Sammuel
Shape by: JStyle Store - Alberto
Hair by: Dura - Emo #07 in Black
Shirt by: Kauna - Open Shirt in Red @ fameshed (group gift)
Pants by: no. 07 - Leather Pants (closed)
Boots by: ::CHoOoZ:: - Vengeance Clean in Ebony.
Belt by: Lapointe & Bastchild - Celtic
Bracelets by: CHOP ZUEY - Ivanhoe Rd/Bk # MenStuff
Tattoo by: Sugar & Cyanide - Words Fail
Pose by: PNP - Wild Ride @ One Voice Fund Rasier

Hump Day

Hump Day is lazy day. So with the help of Shadow Moon and their new line of beach wear, sf designs Antalya sandals, ND/MD new skin Rick, you are all set to lay in the sun and do absolutely nothing. Yes, I encourage you to embrace sloth. Any objections? Cheers mates.

Skin by: ND/MD - Rick w/ Stubble
Shape by: ND/MD - Tyler
Hair by: DURA - Boy #34 in black
Outfit by: Shadow Moon - Dragon in red
Shorts by: Shadow Moon - Dragon in red
Glasses by: Shadow Moon - Male Beach Sunglasses w/ Color Change Hud ($69L)
Sandals by: sf design - Antalya w/ Hud (gift)

L.D. 1.0

Today I wanted to show my early SL look, well not my noobie days, that was just scary but the day I learned about hunts. Belleza changed my preferences with the skin I used to today. Now, I didn't know anything about 22769 Casual Couture at the time but glad I do now. These polo shirts and casual pants, currently offered at Mens Department for $85L, were my chosen attire. I have since embraced my delinquent look and gladly so. What about you mates? How much have you changed since? Cheers mates.

Shape by: Bird.Next.Door. - Taki
Eyes by: Poetic Colors - Caramel Bright (gift)
Hair by: Drot - Dex in Smoke
Shirts by: 22769 Casual Couture - Polo @ Mens Department ($85L)
Pants by: 22769 Casual Couture - Chino Pants in L/blue @ Mens Department ($85L)
Shoes by: DUH! - Canvas Slip Ons in White


Unity is more than another word in the dictionary. It takes courage to join with others whether for or against a cause. To make an impact with words or actions that express your opinions and emotion. I commend all that dare to take a stand on either side of the fence. Cheers.

Skin by: Belleza - Ashton Deep Tan
Shape by: Jstyle Store - Mr. Spain (group gift)
Hair by: [Atro Patene] - Dominic in Black
Shirt by: Razorblade Jacket - Flannel Shirt in Green @ One Voice Fund Rasier
Jeans by: Razorblade Jacket - Jaw Breaker Grunge in Worn Blue @ Mens Dept.
Boots by: Death Row Designs - Heavy Steel

One Voice Fundraiser Event Ends Monday, July 22nd - More Info

Once More

Good Sunday to all. Hope everyone has enjoyed their weekend and if not, better luck next week mates. Might I recommend a shopping spree to Doppelganger Mainstore? Unfortunately, they are closing their doors and the designer has placed all items on sale for $50L. As good as that sounds, I really dislike seeing another store close. Also, mates stop over to the Mens Department and pick up these slacks by 22769 Casual Couture. They are priced at only $85L. Good shopping to you. Cheers.
Skin by: JStyle Store - Ander (group gift)
Shape by: ND/MD - Jason
Sweaters by: Doppelganger Mainstore - Forester (closing sale)
Pants by: 22769 Casual Couture - Chino Pants in Black @ Mens Department ($85L)
Shoes by: INDI Designs - O'Donnell in Black
Bag by: Phoenix Rising - ION featured Shoulder Bag ($25L)

Save the Date: Pink Ribbon Fair

Flair For Events™ presents:

The Pink Ribbon Fair in collaboration with Relay For Life of Second Life
♥Finding the cure starts with hope♥  http://pinkribbonfair.blogspot.ca/
Starts: August 4th to 25th, 2012

Sponsored by Seraphim

The Pink Ribbon Fair will starts August 4th to August 25th, 2012 (4 weeks). This Fair is a fashion charity event for breast cancer. ALL the earned profit will go directly to the American Cancer Society.

The theme of this event is PINK! Everything PINK! ALL designers items will have pink on it (Men are welcome!!)

What you will find in this fair ?
♥ Pink exclusive items from designers (100% profit to American Cancer Society)
♥ Hunt items hidden in the designers stores.
♥ Awareness information about breast cancer.

One More Day

Week is just about done and I couldn't be more pleased. One feels the exhaustion when a holiday is celebrated mid-week. It changes everything and makes the weekend that more yearned for. Yet work must be done mates, so stop by deeR Mainstore and Yasum Designs to pick up these awesome group gifts. You won't be disappointed. Cheers.

Shape by: MIM - Drifter - MHOH7 #28
Hair by: DURA - Emo #04 in Black
Tank by: deeR :: MAINSTORE - Regatta Top w/ 15 Color Option HUD (group gift)
Jeans by: Yasum Designs - Hippi Pants (free)
Sneakers by: Yasum Designs - Legal Trash (free)

After the Crowd

Once more I say thank you to our fine military and our government as well. Peace moves within our lands and around our borders because of you. Salute mates. Cheers!

Skin by: JStyle Store - Zeus (group gift)
Shape by: SHAPEshifters - Moses Shape Regular
Outfit by: Kal Rau - Promo Outfit w/ Color Hud(group gift)
Shoes by: Latreia Foot Fashion - Male Slips in Green Plaid

To Liberty...To Freedom

Tomorrow is a day more than a means to be off work. Its in honor to those that fought and won our freedom. To our own security and welfare to stand independently. I respect those that ensure my safety. The honorable and courteous men and women that admirably sacrifice their lives in love of our country. To you I salute and pledge my own appreciation. Without you, all that we have wouldn't be possible. God Bless you all. Cheers.

Skin & Shape by: Filthy - July Group Gift (6 six options)
Hair by: Shag - Choke in Shadow
Tanks by: Rispetto Designs - Patriotic Tanks in (2) Available Colors (group gift)
Jeans by: Bird.Next.Door. - Army Mesh Baggy Jeans ($45L)
Boots by: Death Row Designs - Destructor Boots w/ Chains (mm gift)
Tattoo by: Raeli Tattoos - Don't Judge Me Tattoo ($10L)
Pose by: STAKEY - Post Up #9

Sincerely Greta..

Today I bring you a post that was inspired by a friend of mine, Greta. She tipped me off to an awesome skin offered by Tableau Vivant featured in the Femboy Hunt. Now we all know how rich and elegant Tableau Vivant skins are, so I couldn't decline and neither should you. I complimented this look with classic shirt by EPICOSITY, rich texture knickerbockers by 22769 Casual Couture, soft up do by DURA and grunge boots by Death Row Design. I know this is not a look I often present but those that know me, knows I'm always up for a challenge when presented. So don't fear the delicate look. I will bring the urban flair in the next post. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: Tableau Vivant - FBH #36
Eyes by: Death Row Designs - Eternal in Silver (mm gift)
Hair by: DURA - Girl #22 in Black
Shirt by: EPICOSITY - MHOH7 #73
Pants by: 22769 Casual Couture - Chevron Knickerbocker in Grey w/ socks
Boots by: Death Row Designs - Stamp in Blue (mm gift)
Rings by: [Y]style - Shitagane Ring in Black
Pose by:  BehaviorBody Animations Main Store - GlamCorner (free)