Late for Class....

Being several minutes late for class never went over well for me but I learned a trick or two. Stop by the cafe, pick up a donut and present it to my professor right before she scolded me. Can't say it worked all the time but it was worth the shot. Cheers Mates!

Outfit by: Sheep Door - School Uniform BOY for LB
Bag by: Phoenix Rising - Featured in the Ion Outfit
Boots by: Kennedy’s  - Black Low Boots

Photo Location: Indiana University :: IUSL Campus

Those Kind of Dayz...

From casual Monday to sloppy grunge Tuesday. What a difference a day makes when your mood shifts from one to another. Oh well! No need in contemplating such matters. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: Heartsick Skins - Liam 8 Pack Includes: (6) Skins & (2) Shapes for Only $10L!
Hair by: DURA - Boy #17 in Black 
Tank by: [NN] Designs - [NN] City Promo (free)
Jeans by: AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS - Jeans 01 -Skull
Boots by:  Death Row Designs - Lazy Hunter Boots in Green
Pose by: Poormator - The Bystander Pose for Only $1L!

Mouth Piercings by: You lucky thing! - FeLix Male Piercing for Only $15L!
Shoulder Piercing by: Sour Pickles [SP] - Solitude Piercing - Tuesday 50L Sale Item
Tattoo by: AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS - Antriko Me Skeletous for Only $20L!
Pose by: Poormator - [ EXCLUSIVE ] The Chilled Out Pose for Only $1L!

Mello Monday....

With Monday behind us and the rest of the week ahead. I took a moment to stroll over to no. 07 Mainstore  store to take part in their closing sale that ends Wednesday, February 29th! Its unfortunate they are closing their doors but we can show some linden love before they do. Take a stroll mates! Cheers!

Skin by: Heartsick Skins - Liam Skin - 4 - Pack Includes: (6) Skin Variations & (2) Shapes for $10L!
Hair by: DURA - Boy #29 in Black
Sweater by: [NN] Designs -Winter Sweater in Brown - Lucky Board Gift
Jeans by: no.07 - Epta Designer Jeans
Boots by:  SF Design - Tweedy Rolltop Boots
Pose by: MIZO - Beach 1 Pose

Photo Location: no. 07 Mainstore

Sunday Solitude....

Nothing much to elaborate on about the above title. Some days are in company and know. Cheers Mates!

Skin & Shape by: Clarity Creations -  Kelvin Skin & Shape Pack
Outfit by: :: Delirium Style :: - Greg Complete Outfit
Necklace by: GABRIEL - Two-Strand Necklace - Group Gift
Beanie by: NerdMonkey*Clothes - Dirt Beanie

Hairbase by: Shapespeare - Vortex Hairbase in Black - Sneak Preview -
Tattoo by: VMC - Gangsta Tattoo

Photo Location: DEAD END


Auto shop in high school is the Rite of Passage for us fellas. Fathers stand proud as their sons take on the blue collar mastering of the automobile. It was one lesson I didn't quite grasp but one hell of a memory I have. Stranded on the side of the road with sexy brunette in the passenger seat. Cheers -- Mates--Cheers!

Skin by: Heartsick Skin - Micha : Romeo Group Gift Includes: (9) Skins , (1) Shape, Teeth Tattoo & More! Join Now for Only $10L! -skin pictured above HS Micha : 6 : Romeo ( PH / BH / DB) -
Shirt by: Future Range - Featured in the A Vendor Ilo Outfit for Only $11L
Jeans by: AmAzInG CrEaTiOnS - Jeans #15 for Men for Only $40L!
Boots by: Death Row Designs - Heavy Steel Boots (rotating MM gift)
Left Bracelets by: [ Y ] style  - Furugane Bracelet in Black
Right Bracelet by: Autumn Flowers Piercings & Accessories  - Studded Leather Bracelet (free)

Photo Location: Contagion RPG, Santa Malvado CA 

Affecting ...or... Effecting...

Two words that work hand in hand to describe the cause of something or someone has on you. The spreading of it as it moves through your body causing your mind to battle within. For in each word you create a list of reasoning and facts. I am in the battle of such things but I must say, from the effect to the affect, I want this infection. Cheers Mates!

Outfit by: Delirium Style - Infected Outfit Includes: Sweater Top, Suspenders, Pants, Belt, Boots, Smokey Eye Shadow, Gloves and More! Grab It Up Fellas!

Tattoo by: VMC - Tribal Tattoo Set 2

Photo Location: Contagion RPG, Santa Malvado CA

A Quiet Day

Some days you have to just sit and let your mind wander. Let any and all random thoughts just take you away. It doesn't have to happen often but whenever you need a little silence, I strongly recommend you do. Never know what you will discover in those silent moments. Cheers Mates!

Glasses by: AIR - Cresta Glasses (previously featured hunt item)
Cardigan by: Rispetto Designs - Winter Chill Hunt Gift- Hint #13: Gee thanks! Its cold out and I get the draft! Well done!
Shirt & Jeans by: Rispetto Designs - Jeans & Shirt Featured in the Libero Outfit. Includes: Dark Grey, Sand & White Shirt w/ Jeans

Cap by: FreakyDesign - Knit Winter Hat in Grey - Hint: #27:   Brrrr cold!

Photo Location:  Albatross Coffee House

Just snap the photo please....

You can tell from my body language I was really in the mood for this post right? I mean, I tried to smile but the injury wouldn't allow me to give two shakes of a......!  Cheers!

Skin by: EmoS - DARIO Pack Includes: (5) Beard Options, (4) Skins, (3) Shapes, (6) Eye Shades, (3) T-Shirts & Jeans for Only $20L!  
Shape by: SHAPEshifters - Damian Shape Group Gift for Only $1L!  (updated store location)
Hair & Cap by: DURA & GABRIEL - Knit Cap w/ Hair in Black  
Sweater by: GABRIEL - Loose High Neck Sweater in Beige
Jeans by: Yasum - Anti Valentines GRUNGE Male Jeans – Group Gift  
Boots by: VERO MODERO - Black Boots Featured in the November Group Gift
Tattoo by: :: Coca & Wolf :: - :: For You :: Coca & Wolf :: Upper Body Tattoo

Back to Black...

Grunge is the name of the game and who better to offer that right look than ::Delirium Style:: ? I am one that loves the black hue and on any given day you can catch me styled in it. One of these days I will find another favorite but hold your breath till then. Cheers Mates!

Hair by: DURA - Emo 04 in black
Outfit by: :: Delirium Style :: - Anthony Complete Outfit @ Mens.Select
Mouth Attachment by: Just You Jewels - My Words are Secret for Men

Photo Location: Renna's Dark Little Corner (Vampire)

Pierce Pain -n- Pleasure...

Mom always said that those that wore piercings, mohawks and tattoos were just punks and delinquents. I use to agree until I found out the pleasure that comes with it. Now keep it clean here if you can. We are all adults and definitely know that there is no pleasure without a little pain. Cheers Mates!

Hair Base by:  Shapespeare - Born To Live Hairbase w/ Tattoo
Piercings by: SOVI3T * :: Apparel - .: Black Widow :. Unisex for Only $30L!
Scarf by: Just You Jewels - DUO Scarf I love You

Bracelets by: Hermony -Metal Wristbands
Boots by: Death Row Designs - Heavy Steel Boots (rotating MM gift)
Jeans by: SOVI3T * :: Apparel - Ripped jeans [SVT*] Blue Flame for Only $25L!
T-Shirt by: Radical Buddhism - Gift Set Vol.14: Dragon Shirt Long Sleeve II

Tattoo by: The White Angel Creations .:TWA:. - Angel Tattoo Free Gift

Visit .:[Shapespeare]:. today and check out all their hair base/tattoo designs!

Dress Me....

More items from the My Sales Boudoir Sales Event and Winter Chill Hunt. Designers of Second Life put alot care and thoughts in things they create. Be sure to show some linden love to them. I love a great deal free of charge but sometimes spending alittle cash goes a long way. Cheers Mates!

Hair by: DURA - Boy 14 in Black
Shirt by: Rispetto Designs - Black & White Dress Combo @ My Sales Boudoir Sales Event for Only $55L!
Pants by: Savvy Avvy - Pants in Beige

Shirt & Tank by: {:ThirteenTH:} - SwaG Blue Unbuttoned Shirt @ My Sales Boudoir Sales Event for Only $98L!
Pants by: Savvy Avvy - Pants in Black

Pavillon by: Nana Saenz - Romantic Winter Pavillon  - Hint #34: I watch snow falls

Pierce Me.... Please...

Sour Pickles always pleasure me with their wicked facial pain. Now get your mind out the gutter, I am simply talking about their piercings. They have definitely become one of my favorites that I would allow such pain to inflicted. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: .DAMNMIDGET. - UPYR Skin in (2) Styles for Only $99L @ My Sales Boudoir Sales Event!
Shape by: Bird Next Door - Taki Shape for Only $10L!
Hair by: DURA - Boy 18 in Black for Only $120L!
Tank by: SOVI3T * :: Apparel - Red Tank [SVT*] -=Flower URSS for Only $1L!
Jeans by: Sour Pickles [SP] - Malistaire Jeans for $50L - It's On Sale SL Event begins Feb 19th till 25th!
Boots by: Kennedy's - Black Low Boots (previously featured)
Bracelet by: Just You Jewels - We have A Secret Male Bracelet for Only $199!
Tattoo by: VMC - Dragon Tat for Only $10L!

Up close of my favorite pleasure given by Sour Pickles!

Piercing by: Sour Pickles [SP] - Played for Only $60L!

Check out It's On Sale SL Event Blog:
Photo Location: City of Ruin

Winter Chill Hunt

Ready..set...go... the Winter Chill Hunt has begun! This awesome hunt features all items related to everything cold, cozy and comforting. The hunt runs till Wednesday, February 29th!! So don't delay, fourteen days go faster than you think. Cheers Mates!

Outfit by: VERO MODERO - November Male Gift
Cabin by: Dirty Little Secret [d.l.s.] - Whimsical Cozy Ice Fishing Hut

In my warm little ice cabin I took the time to open a few of my items. I can't wait to wear the ice skates but the ice on the lake is not quite as solid, which is a good thing for me as I fish. It's a give and take thing I suppose.

Mesh Skates by: Land of Nodd - Black & White Pair of Mesh Skates. Hint #2:  "I light the way on cold Christmas nights."
Wreath by: *Finishing Touches* - Braided Fabric Wreath ~w/ Mittens & Snowflakes Hint #5:  "Brrrr it's chilly! - find your gift among the SNOWFLAKES"

The DJ....

Happy Valentine's Day to all lovers! I promised I wouldn't shun the day and I'm not. So tonight I plan on spinning some tunes just for you. Song selections is a bit of rock, industrial, gothic, techno and anything else to keep you from kissing in a corner. Yeah I like that idea. Cheers Mates!

Hair by: BLACK MARIA - H058 - Group Gift
Tattoo by: Alexandre - Devilish Male Full Body Tattoo
Necklace by: [ Y ] style  - Harnessed Necklace in Black Group Gift
Bracelets by: [ Y ] style  - Furugane Bracelet in Black
Leather Pants by: Just Because - February Group Gift

Hair base by: Shapespeare - Shaved Hair Base on Sale @ My Sales Boudoir.

Back View of the tattoo, mohawk, hair base & pants! These items are a must have, so get going now!

Picture Location: City of Ruin

22769 Casual Couture "Once Again With Love Hunt"

One of my favorite stores, 22769 Casual Couture , is celebrating their 2nd Anniversary Valentine Store Hunt. It began, February 10th and ends February 20th. The hints are prepared in an inviting love story with five gifts to complete the entire outfit. As a bonus, there is a male and female version as well. Don't miss out! This is a hunt you don't want to miss. Cheers Mates!

Corduroy Jeans by: 22769 Casual Couture - Once Again With Love Hunt Gift #2
Shirt by: 22769 Casual Couture - Once Again With Love Hunt Gift #3
Boots by: :::UW::: - Worker Boots - Lucky Chair Gift

Sweater Jumper by: 22769 Casual Couture - Once Again With Love Hunt Gift #4
Socks by: 22769 Casual Couture - Once Again With Love Hunt Gift #4

Once Again With Love Hunt Gift #5 is an awesome pair of shoes. These I will leave to you to find. Enjoy!

Picture Location:  Sweethearts Cafe & Bakery

Count Down 4 Red....

Three days from now will begin the celebration for the day of love. I am not for or against this date as you know. I ask if its jealousy for all the lovers out there but I highly doubt that's it. So, to prove the point I will try finding some items for that big day. Cheers Mates!

Outfit by: _b[ELLE] -  Button Down - Red Scroll Outfit. Lucky Board Gift

Shirt by: sf design - Tucked Piped Shirt (Free Gift) Available in Black, Red, Blue & Green

Friday Pause...

It's the day before the weekend and I can feel the lure. Yes, I have the bar chosen and my buddies are all on alert. Tonight we stroll under the street lights. Cheers Mates.

Oufit by: b[ELLE]issima Mainstore - Casual Suit Jacket Ensemble  in Olive for Only  $15L!
Shoes by: AIDORU - MJ Tribute "Moonwalk" Loafers with Socks for Only $120L!

Sweater Twist...

As you know, I love sweaters and the creative ways designers spin a concept. Electric Feel pulled off an excellent design with these strapped arm bands. Judge for yourself mates because this outfit cost only $10L for a limited time! Cheers!

Hair by: DURA - Boys & Girls 20 in black
Outfit by: Electric Feel - Goff Sweater, Scarf & Leather Pants Set.

Mens.Select Style

Mens.Select has sent out their 7th Edition Sales Event that runs for two weeks. Here you can purchase items from some of SL designers at 40% to 50% off! Can't pass that up Mates. Cheers.

Skin & Shape by: EmoS - Dario Tan Skin & Shape Tall w/ Beard 01 Featured in Photo. Pack Includes (5) Beard Options, (4) Skins, (3) Shapes, (6) Eye Shades , (3) T-Shirts & Jeans for Only $20L
Hair by: DURA - Dura Boy 29 in Black
Rings by:  [Y] Style -  Shitagane Ring in Black
Sweater by: Reila Skins & Fashion - Argyle Sweater (MS6)
Jeans by: EmoS - Featured in the Dario Skin & Shape Pack.

Skin & Shape by: EmoS - Dario Skin Dark & Shape Medium w/ Beard 01
Sweater by: Sour Pickles [SP] -  Latches Sweater in Steel Plaid


Jack In Caps

The Jack or Jill Hunt is currently six days into their twenty nine day run. This means you have exactly twenty three days to get all of these awesome gifts. Stop procrastinating and get busy mates. Cheers!

Hair by: DURA - BoyS & Girls 25 in Black
Outfit by: ::Travisty:: - Hoodie & Jeans Outfit - Hint: He’s got a nice package too

Skin by: ISPACHI - Michel Tan & Bald Skin w/ 5 o'clock shadow Hint: Everyone Loves New Hair
Shape by: SHAPEshiftersDamian Shape Group Gift
Hair by: Shag Hair - Misfit in Bistre Color
Jeans by: Rispetto Designs - Maschile Outfit  - Hint: Its all about the view

First Glance.....

This was a challenge I wanted to accept. As you know the ladies have cornered the market for fashion in SecondLife. Now don't get me wrong, we mates fair well but sometimes I get a bit envious. So I decided to take this photo of this awesome coat designed by 22769 Casual Couture for the ladies. It won't be a trend for me to wear female clothing, but I must say, I pulled it off! Cheers!

Hair by: DURA - Emo 06 in Black
Coat by: 22769 Casual Couture - Femme Dark Leopard Cape Coat
Leather Pants by: Amour Fashion - Leather Pants Featured in the Morgan Outfit in Green Maze

Necklace by: [ Y ] style - NEW Release - Absolution Necklace in Pink

Casual Fridays....

No tie knotted about the neck in your perfectly tailored suit. Today is about taking it easy and with the help of  :::Insanya::: & DURA  I did just that. Next destination for the night?  The bar of course. Cheers Mates!

Skin by: - Belleza - - Belleza Skin - Jacob Deep Tan - Group Gift
Hair by: DURA - Dura Boy 29 in Black
Shirt by: :::Insanya::: - JoJ Hunt Casual Shirt Gift - Hint # 47: A dark place and a column
Slacks by: [savvy avvy] - Belted Dress Pants in Black

Punk Jack Is Back....

Social norms are the thing of the past. I have come to believe the ladies like a guy in makeup, spiked hair, oversized ears and clothes that scream get the bleep back! Or maybe I am just saying this for this post? Who really knows. Cheers Mates!

Hair by: Shag - High Fidelity in Chestnut
Skin by: Nikita Fride - JoJ Special Hunt Gift. Hint #6: Hello superman! you’ll find your gift hunt in the male skins area…
Ears by: SCRUB -  Always the Same BS. Hint #39: Under the gun
Hoodie by: Goth1c0 -  Skulls Sweat Shirt. Hint # 33: Up and high, above your head, twinkling with fire and lights, almost melting if i catch a fire but not before you see me.

Tattoos included on the Nikita Fride arms and one on the back. Go get it to see the back!

Outfit by: D R O P . -  F*** Outfit.  Hint #32: Please see the table top of a DOT design.

Jack's Style...

Mates the Jack or Jill Hunt has begun! You have 28 days left to acquire these awesome gifts from participating designers. I will be highlighting them throughout the month. So don't waste no time. Grab a friend to get started now! Cheers Mates.

Skin by: -Belleza- - Ashton Deep Tan GG Hair
Hair by: DURA - Celebration Hair Gift in Black
Outfit by: Shiki Designs - Nakano Style Hunt Gift - Hint #02: Treasures are found in the basement
Shoes: HOC Apparel - Leather Loafers - Available in 9 Leather Options for Only 50L